New Technology the Adored Simultaneously in Human Fear


Technology is the world’s most influential invention. Technology has become a necessity that can not be separated from human life today. Vehicles, cell phones, computers and the Internet are a product of technology that every day continues to grow and evolve.

New Technology the Adored Simultaneously in Human Fear

As time goes by and the many technological discoveries are constantly being developed enabling human life could become easier and all matters in everyday activities can be helped and replaced with super-sophisticated technology.



But even so, the new super-sophisticated technology also creates a sense of anxiety and fear of misuse of these technologies. Therefore new technologies that could be considered a very sophisticated can be used by anyone for the purpose that has no end.

It is certainly a fear in itself, let alone the super-sophisticated technology that has been developed already spread freely in various countries and people can easily get it. Here is a brief review of the new super-advanced technology in the puja once feared its use by humans:

New Technology Unmanned Aircraft

Technological developments unmanned aircraft or drones now more rapidly and even more diverse. Yes, the aircraft can operate autonomously without a driver in it, just armed with the remote control. The military was already a lot who operate the drones.

Technology the Adored Simultaneously in Human Fear

As the United States that use in the battlefields of Afghanistan. More and more institutions allegedly tested a drone. If later it misused, it can certainly be dangerous.

New Technology 3D Printer

Saati printer technology to not only is able to print text or images on paper only. But, it is also in the form of goods through a 3D printer. 3D Printer is basically machine is capable of making three-dimensional solid objects in various forms are derived from the digital model.


Now, the price of 3D printers is growing and easy to get. It’s also cheap and a lot of companies that make them. The frightening thing is, printers such as this could potentially be used to make weapons by ordinary people.

In a variety of online video, shown how to create weapons that could work quite armed with a 3D printer. If created by the wrong person, it could happen things that are not desirable.

New Technology Automatic Car

Car that can run itself without the driver’s assistance when no longer merely a dream. Therefore thanks to the development of increasingly sophisticated technology many companies that have already started testing and developing the car without a driver or a car that can operate independently.

AdvancedTech-Todays Cars

Misalanya Google already jumped ahead in the development of this automatic car; the Company’s leading technology in the face of this earth amid tested a car that can find its own path. Indeed automatic car is probably very helpful.

For example, people do not need any more tired of driving, please select the computers and radar car. People are disabled or blind person can reap the benefits. Because they can still use the car and driven to the desired place.


However, there are fears of an error in the system and then the car was hurt. Although the security system is claimed to have qualified, it is still the possibility of becoming a concern.

Hadron Collider

Hadron Collider is a masterpiece of human. This is the highest energy particle accelerator and the largest in the world, created by CERN, scientific institutions in Europe.


Hadron Collider stretches along 27 kilometers at a depth of 175 meters, located in Geneva, Switzerland. The making aimed at resolving questions about the birth of the universe physics.

Hadron Collider proton menu broken is simultaneously in the speed of light and are able to create powerful energy particles. Even had the capacity to create a black hole that could damage the planet earth. Hadron Collider several times had encountered a problem. So feared, if not controlled properly can cause a major disaster.

New Technology Google Glass

Google preparing to sell called Google Glass smart glasses. He was provided a variety of sophistication that it makes it scary for some people. For example the function to record video, snap photos with voice commands. Or the ability to recognize a person’s face just by looking.

It was considered to make Google Glass as spy devices. In fact, some restaurants are already banned the wearing Google Glass are disturbing the privacy of visitors.


In fact, the device is not currently sold freely. There is also concern Google Glass could damage the eyes. Google even warned of this device should not be used in children under 13 years of age because it may interfere with vision. Well, that’s if it were five super sophisticated and latest technology that is revered and feared its use by humans. Hope can increase knowledge and could also be a new reference on emerging technologies.

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