Which One do You Choose? Diesel or Petrol Engine Car?


Currently, some car manufacturers have already started to have a model with a choice of diesel or gasoline engines. Take the example of PT Toyota Astra Motor, which has been since the fourth-generation Toyota Kijang has a selection of diesel and petrol engine car.



Which One do You Choose? Diesel or Petrol Engine Car?

There was also a Toyota SUV Fortuner, which initially only provides a choice of petrol engines, now has a diesel engine option, even as a variant of the spearhead. PT General Motors Indonesia, while introducing small MPV Chevrolet Spin, also offers a choice of petrol and diesel, and now with his SUV, Captiva. In addition, there were coined the Hyundai Santa Fe and the selection of H-1 diesel or gasoline, as well as the selection of Kia Sorento and Sportage diesel or gasoline.


In the premium class, there are BMW which offers a selection of BMW 3-Series petrol or diesel engine, as well as the BMW 5-Series, X3 and X5. And Mercedes-Benz Indonesia also offers some of its line-up with two engine options, namely the E-Class, M-Class and GLE. In the past, the diesel engine is not the favorite choice of consumers of passenger cars in Indonesia because of his image of the “dirty”. Yes diesel engine is a true engine used by commercial vehicles such as city buses or trucks, which are due to poor maintenance, consequently diesel-engine cars have often produce black smoke from the gas line buangnya. In this generation, the Hybrid Technology based cars also good option for new car buyers. This is what makes gasoline engines cars more salable than diesel cars.


However, in line with developments in technology, diesel engines are constantly changing. Over the past decade, developing diesel technology makes this machine more subtle and powerful. Moreover, by injection turbocharger technologies that makes it more efficient. Although gasoline engine technology is also growing, but early advantage diesel engine is more fuel efficient and have better endurance make diesel still offers advantages.

If you currently have a plan to woo new cars and choose among the diesel engines or gasoline engines, there are some things that must be considered. The main thing is to consider what to buy based on your needs. Here are some considerations:

Price Differences


Usually for a comparable car with a variant, the price of diesel cars will be more expensive than comparable petrol-engine models. One of the things that make it such that include the technology carried by diesel engines are usually higher. Take, for example, Toyota Kijang Innova GA / T diesel berbanderol USD 340 million, It is reasonable considering Innova diesel engine inbuilt with same luxury features like, turbocharger with intercooler has had in it. The average price difference between variants in the model, the more expensive the diesel engine variants ranging from Rp 20 million to Rp 40 million.

Operating Costs

The selling price of diesel cars is higher than gasoline-powered cars, but if you count the annual operating costs, it could be a diesel car is more advantageous than gasoline cars. This is due to diesel cars more fuel efficient is usually between 15 to 20 percent compared to gasoline cars. In addition, components held diesel engines are also generally more durable than gasoline engine components. So if your annual mileage can exceed 15,000 km, diesel cars can be more profitable.

Fuel Prices


Currently, the price of fuel oil in Indonesia is fluctuating, following the development of world oil prices. This also had a positive impact on the diesel-engine cars, due to the price of high-quality diesel fuel the price is Rp 8,100, cheaper than the price of gasoline, air-RON 95 to Rp 8,250. With an efficiency of diesel engines are also better than gasoline engines, then the cost of fuel is clearly more beneficial.

For example, we have tested the all-new Innova QA / T diesel and fuel consumption outside the city average is 16.9 kpl. This means that for a distance of 150 km only takes 8.87 liters of fuel, which equals around 72,000. Meanwhile, when we tested the all-new Innova VM / T gasoline engine, fuel consumption outside the city reached an average of 10.9 kpl. This means that for a distance of 150 km, it takes as much as 13.76 liters of fuel, which equals around 113 520.

Other factors


Some other things to note are:

  • Diesel engine components usually have higher prices than gasoline engine components. In addition, the cost of maintenance is sometimes more expensive.
  • Vibration and noise of diesel engines clearly louder than gasoline engines. This gives the advantage of comfort in petrol engine car.
  • Durability higher in diesel engines makes diesel cars usually have a longer service life.

So, Choose Which?


Once you know a few things related to the advantages and benefits of diesel and petrol engine car, and the car what to choose? If you are more expensive than fuel efficiency driving comfort, the diesel car is clearly the most appropriate choice. In addition, for operational use with the distance farther, then diesel cars more profitable.

But if everyday use that is not a distance too far, and the comfort of your priorities, petrol engine car can be one right choice. In addition, the difference in the price tag is high enough, it can make the car more economical to use with low total mileage.

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