Porsche 718: Awaken the Giant Killer


The product is the Porsche 911 latest generation, which of course we already know, as well as the Porsche 718 Boxster.

Porsche 718: Awaken the Giant Killer



The last mentioned it may be unfamiliar to those who do not really follow the development of Porsche. But this is actually the most exciting cars in the Porsche range, in our opinion. In addition to the Porsche’s decision to use a four-cylinder boxer engine with a particle turbocharger, there is its own historical value in this car.

Ok, probably not much different shape with Porsche 718 mostly, but did you know that the nomenclature 718, has actually existed since the late 1950s. This is the car that the name in the arena of Porsche 718 race cars in his time, and can be regarded as’ the giant killer success massacred competitors in the race with hybrid technology, which uses a large machine, even though this car has a power deficit.


Yes, the classic 718 uses a four-cylinder boxer engine, and able to pass the pace of Ferrari, or other opponents who V12. So, you’ll understand why revive Porsche 718, complete with 4-cylinder engine.

How does 718 to defeat his opponents? The answer is handling. This car is so under and agile on the track, so that immediately makes an impression that the small power is not a big problem. Combine it with topnotch riders like Graham Hill, Wolfgang von Trips, Sterling Moss, Dan Gurney, Jo Bonnier, and the other, it creates a horrible little monsters.

Weights vs. Power


718 birth cannot be separated from the successful race car is made in another Porsche 550 Spyder. Platform 550 is then developed in 1956, to be lowered in the race next year. The alterations include the use of tubular space frame, the more grip brakes and front suspension was also upgraded. The use of tubular space frame chassis that makes 718 has a very light weight, only 529 kg.

Her body is light given engine capacity of 1.5 liter flat four that powered up to 142 hp. Small? Maybe. But do not forget the weight of the car, called Porsche 718 RSK is only a little more than half a ton. Control may be kept. In addition to the redesign of the suspension before, the machine is placed right in the middle of the car, so it has the right weight distribution.


718 debuts did not exactly smooth. In 1957 the car was dropped off at Lemans 24 Hour endurance race. Lap 129, the car driven by Umberto Maglioli (Italy) and Edgar Barth (Germany) has stopped because of an accident.

Once redeveloped, 1958 was a time of success ranging up to 718 RSK. Sebring 12 Hour race put Porsche 718 piloted by racer United States Harry Schell and Wolfgang Seidel (Germany) successfully finished third, behind the two Ferrari 250. Both riders are successful in defeating the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Lotus Eleven, Austin Healey 100-6, until Chevrolet Corvette C1. In the same year, 718 SSR also successfully achieved the second position in the rally Targa Fiorio, Right behind Ferrari 250 TR, and TR beat 250 other finished third.


Development then carried by Porsche engineers in 1959. This time they pair a new engine capacity of 1.7 liters, the configuration is still the same. Power was increased to 170 hp. In addition, it also paired well axles with lighter materials. As a result, 718 SSR won Targa Fiorio race of the year thanks to the ingenuity Jo Bonnier. And Porsche should be proud because the 550 Spyder and 356 Carrera finished second and third.

Development Unending

In the following years Porsche continued to develop four-cylinder engines, especially for 718 SSR. 1960, for example, the engine crankshaft get a new, more powerful, so the engine reaches the high speed of maximum rotation 7800 rpm. Even for kinipun period, the figure was somewhat amazing. With these machines, in addition to back wins in the Sebring 12 Hours and Targa Fiorio, giving both the constructors’ championship for Porsche, and only narrowly lost to Ferrari.


Stirling Moss, a living legend in the world of racing stated that he loves this car. The reason is that the aggressive control and ‘controllable’. Moss in an interview that aired on YouTube page Porsche also added, “This car is faster. But I prefer to say this car is very agile. “

Well, if you see 718 glorious lunge, plus the demands of the times that require cars have high fuel efficiency, it seems natural that a flat four engine resurface.


Ok-lah, Porsche must strive to follow current developments. But they also can not tinker around pairs of the new machine. Moreover, the German manufacturer is well known for a flat six engine. Surely there will be many disappointed why Boxster six-cylinder engine that had to be circumcised like this. However the use of the name, and perhaps the presence of the character of the original 718, will be able to silence criticism of Porsche lovers.

The question now is whether this can be successful car like the Boxster or Cayman before? Well, we’ll see. However, this Porsche, a brand satisfaction, and somewhat great success in the premium car market in Indonesia.

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