Recognize Tire Tread Patterns You Don’t Know


Did you know that the tire is the only media liaison between the vehicle and the pavement? That’s why the tires have a very important role in the activity of driving. By using the right tires guarantees safety or the safety, comfort, Performance, and efficiency, of course, are higher.

Recognize Tire Tread Patterns You Don’t Know



While the ban has been equipped with a variety of technology and consists of many components wake up, there is one that is also spearheading the tire performance, namely in the ‘tread’ or outer rubber on the surface or also known sebaga tire tread. Tire Tread Patterns is responsible for the contacts with the street, so it is very important role.

In the tread, you will find a groove pattern that varies according to each brand and type of tire. Some people call it the tread, the grooves of the tire tread or tire tread pattern, while the technical language commonly called the ‘groove’. Whatever the name, the tread pattern greatly affects tire traction to the road surface.

Groove or grooves of the tire tread has a depth of one, whose primary function as a water diverter when the road was wet so the tire contact with the road surface more optimal, But with groove tires which will be reduced a lot and in contact with dry roads.


While the more superficial and minimal grooves in the tread there, the greater the contact with the road surface, so that the higher the power grip on dry roads. That is why in the race at the circuit, usually used tires ‘slick’ or bald plain without grooves, during dry weather. 15 Funny Difference between Freelance and Office workers

Although each tire has a Tire tread patterns design that is different, they refer to the same basic standards, which are divided into symmetrical patterns, asymmetric and directional / uni-directional. All three have different characters and also has the ability to remove water are also different.


Symmetrical tire tread is most commonly found in most tires in the present. As the name implies, the pattern on the tread that carried embrace symmetrical design between the two sides (outside and inside) along the tread around the tire, as well as design motif that is also similar between one block to another block.


The design then produce a pattern of wave-like strands, with the main function of discharging water flow. Tire with symmetrical tread pattern is usually not concerned about the direction so that wear can be inverted direction of rotation. While the characters are ordinary seeded symmetrical tread pattern of the tire including more comfortable and not too noisy,


Contrary to the tire tread pattern is symmetrical, asymmetrical pattern design using different between the two sides. The discrepancy then generate better traction. Tires with asymmetric pattern looks like two different tires which are combined into one because of the pattern of grooves in the outer side and different. Side patterns in the usually more than the outer side, resulting in a featured character better traction on wet roads. 10 Most Controversial Film Poster Banned All Time


While the outer side with a pattern of fewer give good contact to the road surface, as well as increase traction when worn with tight cornering. Noteworthy is the installation that must be true, in which the outer side can not be placed on the inner side. If the reverse would harm and disrupt the performance. But in rotation is usually not a problem so you can move it to the left and right side of the car, as long as not reversed install between the inside and outside.

Directional (Uni-directional)

Directional tread pattern really cling to the directions that are usually common pattern resembles the direction arrows or the letter ‘V’ and there are arrows pointing in the direction of rotation of the tire walls.


Tires with tread patterns of this type are non-mounted anywhere as long as the direction is recommended. The shape of the groove pattern works best to split water, thereby reducing the likelihood of aquaplaning when wet roads. These tires also have a good grip on dry roads.

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