How to Restore WhatsApp Messages in Your Google Drive

As one of the most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has several advantages, among others, the application of light, can be used in different platforms, and can be used to send images, videos, and even do a voice over internet calls ( voice calls over an internet connection).




How to Restore WhatsApp Messages in Your Google Drive

If you are a user of WhatsApp are plans to replace Android device yours, surely you do not want all the messages in the application that successfully reached 1 billion users is being lost, is not it? To note, now users can perform backups (save backup) and restore whatsapp messages and call logs in WhatsApp directly from Google Drive. How the details, refer to the following explanation.

Requirements before Performing Backup and Restore Whatsapp Messages

There are several requirements that must be met, among others: 


Your Android device must be synchronized with Google Drive.

Google Play Services should be installed (for Android version 2.3.4 and above only).

Google Drive account must have sufficient capacity to accommodate all the data WhatsApp.

Your Android device must have enough storage space to create a backup file.

Perform Back Up to Google Drive

There are five easy steps to perform backups to Google Drive, among others:
a. Open WhatsApp. B. Log in to the menu button> Settings ( Settings )> Chats and calls ( chat and calls )> Chat back up ( Backup chat ).

Important Notes about Google Drive

Backup first intact you will probably take quite a long time and it is secret feature of WhatsApp. You can charge the battery of your Android device, as a precaution so that the device does not die in the middle of the backup.

You can change the frequency of the process of backing up , the Google account you used to make backing up and internet connection that is used to make backups anytime in Button Menu> Settings ( Settings )> Chats and calls ( chat and calls )> Chat backup ( Backup chat ) .


Every time you do back up in the new Google Drive on your Google account, the backup file previously in Google Drive will be overwritten with the backup file new. Important note, there is no way to do file backups longer on Google Drive.

Perform Restore Back Up Files

After backup files from your old Android device on Google Drive, it’s time to restore a backup file on your new Android device. When you want to verify your phone number – after the installation process – WhatsApp will offer you to restore the history chats and media of the backup file you. It’s easy and very interesting facts about WhatsApp, you simply tap on the Restore when requested to do so. Next, you just wait for the restore is complete.

But if WhatsApp not detect the backup file, possibly because of the following:

You are not connected to the same Google account when you do a backup on the old device.

You do not use the same phone number when you do a backup on the old device.

Micro SD memory card and / or a history of chat your problem.


No backup files in your Google Drive or on your phone. Note: The easiest way to transfer backup files to a new phone is to use Google Drive. But if you want to use the backup files locally on your device, you need to transfer a file backup to the new device using a computer, the application file explorer or SD card. If your data is not stored in the folder / sdcard / WhatsApp /, chances are you can find it at internal storage or central storage folder. Good luck!

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