Seven New Car Technology the Great and Fun


Over time, thanks to the ability of human thinking that can never be stopped, increasingly sophisticated technology and growing very rapidly. Sometimes even too fast so they bring adverse effects for our own good.

Seven New Car Technology that Great and Fun

In the automotive world the same thing happened. Technological development was so fast that the car that he was only two years old, feels old compared the current car.

Hybrid Technology 2


Although not all of the technology that is easy to understand, but we believe there are advances technology there will continue to help us move safely, comfortably and quickly.
Technology was running fast in terms of the development of a car. We were intrigued to present it to you to unlock insights. The automotive world is a dynamic world, as dynamic products.

Seven New Car Technology That Great and Fun

Parking sensors

We start out from arguably the most outstanding. These tools are already being developed in the 1970s by some people in the United States, Germany, and Italy. The most successful was probably Tony Heyes, an Englishman. He worked with Blind Mobility Research developed the ultrasonic parking sensor, based tools for the blind.

Parking sensorsThis tool she presented to Jaguar, but the subject of derision. Finally, the first users of parking sensor are large vehicles such as trucks and trailers, tanks, and so forth. Now, the parking sensors could be decisive if the car is worth buying or not. Even with this tool, developing other technologies that rely more complex.

Autonomous Drive

Autonomous drive is the ability of a car to move on its own without being driven. And yes, this is possible because around the car there are sensors that set where the car has to move, when to stop, and so forth. The system is extremely complex because it requires a complex algorithm. Cars must know the intended direction, there are obstacles in front of him, how quickly he could move without breaking the speed limit, to where the crowded streets.

Autonomous Drive

Tesla was one of the successful applying this system to the Model S. Google, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, and several other manufacturers amid intense develop this auto car products. Although a few days ago there was the incident that claimed the lives of users, because the autonomous system does not detect a container truck passing in front of him. Indeed, technology is still evolving inevitably requires error samples to be better. And the price of these errors cannot be measured by money, but must be learned.

Pre-Collision Technology

Pre-collision, as the name implies is a system that prevents collisions. Or if it is a collision cannot be avoided, then there is a system in a fraction of a second will make passengers better protected. The easiest example is Mercedes-Benz’s proprietary technology known as PRE-SAFE.

Pre-Collision TechnologyThis new car technology system will detect if a collision is unavoidable, based on the calculation speed, steering angle, and sensors around the car, and then was automatically, in a matter of very fast, will tighten the seat belt, set the height of the headrest and adjust backrest angle chair. If necessary, the system can also close the windows and sunroof.

Hybrid Technology

This may be a major breakthrough that is difficult to surpass. Although the idea has been around since the early 20th century, but commercially, the new hybrid cars could be considered a success by the end of the 1990, with the Toyota Prius is a pioneer. Hybrid technology combines the two drive systems into one. A conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor, and then work together to drive the car. Conventional motors can also be enabled to recharge the battery electric motor drive.

As a result, in addition to fuel consumption and emissions decreased dramatically fueled bsa power because they both have a power output of each. More sophisticated, now some hybrid cars are also available in the form of plug-ins. This system enables the batteries that drive electric motors, be charged using household electricity. So the conventional engine even more rarely works.

Automatic Braking System

For some people, the technology is disturbing because sometimes likes to overreact. However, this new car technology was great being able to make the streets safer. When the car using the car drive slowly (under 30 kph), and the sensor detects a pedestrian or other obstacles, which is not recognized by the rider, the brake will automatically work.

New Ford Fiesta, Active City Stop. (11/05/2012)

We’ve tried it on a Mazda CX-5. The result is disturbing. Shots that have been modified motorcycle exhaust can wake sensor and makes the car brake. The problem is, it just bursts of motor exhaust, and could be bike has also been speeding. In developed countries whose traffic is more orderly, we can make sure the technology is certainly very used.

Self-Leveling Suspension

This car technology is probably not new, but it is one that is very useful innovation. In the past, when the car was filled with goods or passengers in the back, the load will press the suspension, thereby reducing its performance, and the front will be lifted and the traction wheels is also reduced. As a result, the stability of the car can be reduced and even dangerous.

Self-Leveling SuspensionWith self-leveling suspension, when filled with a load, the suspension will ‘fight’ and make the car remains in a flat posture. Thus control and other matters relating to driving can remain optimal. And as said earlier, this technology is old stuff. Its creator is Citroen in 1954. Today, this technology is used by a wide range of cars like the Range Rover, Volvo XC90, and so forth.

GPS Linked Transmission

If there is a technology that makes us stunned, this is it. By relying on GPS, the car can be more efficient. As is known, the GPS provides information about the car’s position. Now, with GPS also been developed with advanced, car manufacturers can use it to determine how many teeth should the work of propelling the car.

GPS Linked TransmissionHa? Yes..Surah smart as that car today. GPS will read what the terrain ahead, how the angle bend, and how the speed of the car, and provide the information to the computer in the car. The computer will then determine what transmission anticipation for the terrain in front of him based on that information. Originator of this idea is the BMW Group, and the first is the Rolls Royce Wraith.

Suspension Camera

We did not find an appropriate title for the Mercedes-Benz technology on this one. The point is, the suspension of the so-called Magic Body Control suspension that it is able to anticipate the road ahead terrain. How it works using a stereo camera mounted on the front.

Suspension CameraThe camera is able to detect road surfaces and the regulator ordered the suspension to stand, and adjust its hardness, before the car passed. You as the rider certainly will not feel anything, other than an oncoming car stable. One of the first users of this technology is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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