Sex After Heart Attack, Is it Safe or Not


Although experts say Sex After Heart Attack, do safe sex, But for some patients with both men and women admitted to having problems with sexual functioning after one year.

“This usually happens because the sex is biological and psychological processes” explains Dr. Stacy Lindau, Professor of Gynecology and director of the University of Chicago’s Program in Integrative Sexual Medicine,

Sex After Heart Attack, Is it Safe or Not



Lindau said cardiac patients often experience anxiety when they want to have sex. “Quite a lot of people worry if they have sex after heart attack may trigger another attack” he said. 6 Surprising Benefits of Sperm You Don’t Know


The most common sexual problems experienced are the lack of interest and problems lubricants for women and erection problems and a lack of interest in men.

While research Lindau and colleagues also revealed 42 percent of women and 55 percent of men do not experience their sexual problems a year after suffering a heart attack.How to Become Singapore Richest Country in World


These results indicate that Sex After Heart Attack, the patient really can go back to their sex lives. “This could be a very important element to help restore the health of patients. We now know what their problems are so we can give you advice on what to do and what is expected by patients, “said Linda.


Studies produced by analyzing data from 2,802 people in the United States and Spain who have had heart attacks and tracked for the next year. With the younger age range 18-55, where about 20 percent of heart attack at this age.

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