5 Signs When Men Only Want Sex with You


Men and women often have different views in a relationship especially in matters of sex. Unlike a man who always looked trivial sextime in dating relationships, women tend to regard sex as something much more special.
Quite often this makes men approach a woman only to matters of sex-alone. If you do not want to be only a sleeping friend, make sure you know the signs of the lack of seriousness of a man in a relationship with you.



Here are five signs that men only want sex only

Only Visit in the Evenings

A man who truly loves you will never disturb your sleeping hours. Avoid men, who have always been at night, they came just to find a bed mate not mate.

Always Broken Promises

The next sign is broken promises. Generally this type of men are often broken promises, their love suddenly cancel the appointment to meet outside the home. This is not only frustrating but also disrespectful.

There was Never Brought to Public Places

The point here is you never introduced to her friends. A man who is serious about running the sex relationship will always involve you in daily life. And this also includes introducing you to the closest people. He never hid his partner.


High and Mighty

You are often the victim’s outlet for anger. He also will not let you know her secrets. Each asked he was always grumpy. He is only good on you if you’re lonely or when there is need for it.

Only Discusses Sex

Men are always sending sexy messages or discuss topics bed is not the kind of guy either. Men are seriously committed to you will be happy to talk about a variety of things, ranging from joy, work, to plan the future. Which he will not do is, to talk only about sex-life only.

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