Six Beautiful Lakes with the Crystal Clear Water in Asia


Asia is the largest continent in the world, I wonder if it saves a lot of very beautiful place and would probably make us amazed. Not only mountain ranges and dense forests or desert expanse that makes eyes stunned, in Asian countries in fact there are beautiful lakes with crystal-clear water contents.

Six Beautiful Lakes with the Most Crystal Clear Water in Asia

Crystal Lagoon Krabi a


With the clarity of the water we could clearly see the contents of the lake. And because of the clarity also is the beauty of the lake to be more perfect. No wonder so many people from all over the world who come to enjoy the beauty of the lake immediately clear like crystal in Asia.

Starting from the Kayangan Lake in sieve-sieve as the clearest lake in Southeast Asia up to Lake Wuhua Hai most beautiful and clear in the State of China, or even lakes Kaco is said to be a hidden paradise in Indonesia. The whole thing is to save something of beauty that we should visit.

Here are six of the most crystal clear lakes and amazing from Asia

Lake Kaco Indonesia

Beautiful lakes that possess crystal-clear color first are Lake Kaco in Jambi Indonesia. The lake is beautiful this one is filled with brilliant blue water is very clear. Kaco Lake is located in the village of Lempur, Kerinci, Jambi province. This lake is part of the Kerinci Seblat National Park.

Lake Kaco Indonesia

Which makes it special is the water of the lake that can be lit up at night, especially during the full moon. Not infrequently travelers who accidentally camping around Lake Kaco during the full moon. According to the site Wonderful Indonesia, which is supposedly very deep lake is also a habitat for thousands of fish semah.

Philippines Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is touted as the clearest lake in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The lake is located in Coron Island, Calamian Islands, and Palawan. Kayangan Lake is a major tourist attraction on the island of Coron. Kayangan Lake surrounded by towering cliffs of trees. Around the lake is also a dense mangrove forest.

Philippines Kayangan Lake

This lake has clear water a greenish beautiful. The depth of the lake reaches 10 meters. While the bottom filled with rocks and small fish. Travelers can swim, dive, or snorkel in the water Kayangan.

Crystal Lagoon Krabi Thailand

Amazing place nicknamed the Crystal Lagoon or crystalline lagoons including one of the most beautiful natural attractions and most experienced in Thailand. Its location in the National Park area Teao Thung, Krabi. He is also known by the name of Sra Morakot, which means emerald pool.
Crystal Lagoon KrabiReported Destinations Amari, turquoise water at Crystal Lagoon save the content of calcium carbonate is high enough. The water is warm enough, so it is suitable for swimming. But during the holidays this place would be filled with tourists. Crystal Lagoon is also surrounded by lush tropical rain forest is a habitat for various birds. Witness the diversity of birds here also an attraction for visitors.

Ike Kaminoko Japan

Kaminoko Ike or a pool of a god is a tiny lake that became one of the attractions mainstays Hokkaido. This beautiful place is in Kiyosato-cho neighborhood, close to Ura Mashu. Spacious lake is only 220 meters, while the depth of no more than 5 meters. But the water is very clear, so the trees are already dead at the bottom can be seen clearly.

Ike Kaminoko

Launched Japan tour, Kaminoko clear water and bright blue comes from melting ice that is drifting and meet Ura Mashu during the winter. The color of the lake water will vary according to the season. In addition, Kaminoko also home to fish red trout.

Lake Wuhua Hai China

Wuhua Hai is part of Jiuzhaigou, the prettiest valleys in China who became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is located in the Min Shan mountain region bordering Tibet Himalaya Plato.

Lake Wuhua Hai

Reported Lake Lubbers, when seen from above, the lake water looks blue and green. Sometimes the color changed to green emerald or yellow if the high mineral content in it. Because of the clarity of the water, the tree trunks collapsed centuries ago were lying at the bottom of the lake so obvious. Thanks to the beauty that is to be the prettiest lake in the 118 lakes in Jiuzhaigou valley. Even touted as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Jiuzhaigou Valley itself is so rich in stunning natural beauty. That’s why millions of tourists flock to this place every year. Some of the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls in China located in this place.

Naltar lake Pakistan

Crystal clear lake with a predominance of green and yellow color is a jewel in Naltar Valley, Pakistan. The lake is one of three lakes in the Valley Naltar. Among the three, the lake is the clearest and located in the most high.

The first lake is known as the Lake or Lake Bashkiri Naltar I I. The exact location is in Naltar Bala. In addition to the crystal-clear water, the lake is also surrounded by a green pine forest.

I Naltar lake

According to the site Tourism in Pakistan, Naltar Lake offers beautiful views in the summer.Usually this place is crowded by visitors on the season. But once winter arrives, snow piled resulted in Naltar difficult to access.

Well, that’s if it were six beautiful lakes with the clearest water in Asia that had impressed everyone including myself. He wanted to come and swim and enjoy the beauty of natural scenery second to none in these lakes. Hopefully, given the opportunity and well-being by God to be able to visit and enjoy the paintings of God that is second to none.

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