If Your Smartphone You Cannot Charge Follow These Tips


Are battery smartphone you cannot be charged with either? If yes, do not always think that the charger smartphone you’re broken.

Here are some ways that can be done if a smartphone you cannot be charged

Clean dust in USB Hole


Used to store the smartphone in the pocket of a jacket or pants? If so, maybe the problem you face is dirt or dust off the USB slot. For that, try cleaning the dust off the USB holes with caution. One way is to gently blowing USB hole so that dust can be lost, or by using a cotton swab to clean it.

Swap USB Cable

Smartphone You Cannot Charge Follow These TipsOne of the most vulnerable parts is cable, USB cable for example; Apple is known to be easily damaged. If a smartphone you can not be charged, look at the condition of the cable you have. If it looks outdated and wanted to break up, you can swap the USB cable that you use with any other USB cable. If it turns out this new USB cable can charge the smartphone then there’s a problem in your USB cable.

Check Head Charger

ankerbox4-630x420Addition to USB cables, other things that need to be checked when the smartphone you can not be charged is the head of the charger or the adapter, especially on the head charger is connected by a USB cable. When the head of the charger can only charge the smartphone thy, we can be sure there’s a problem on your old adapter which may be damaged or not properly connected to a power outlet.

Replace the Battery


Note that the battery of the smartphone has a different life. After being used for a few years, there is the possibility of battery smartphone damaged. Therefore, after the above steps did not produce results, try replacing the battery. The battery itself usually has a warranty period of 6 months. Well, if you feel that using these batteries for 2 years may indeed have been her time to replace the battery.

Some damage to the battery of smartphones  is easily recognizable because of physical or removes the battery starts bubbling liquid.

Move to Stop Other Contacts

Smartphone You Cannot Charge Follow These TipsIf all of the above was not successful, the error may exist on the power plug or the energy source you use. It could be your outlet not been electricity or damaged. Therefore, to test whether the outlet is functioning properly, try to connect the USB cable and charging outlet in the other. If charging running, the possibility of the outlet that is not connected to a power source or damaged.

So, do not panic and think phone you broken so that suddenly cannot be charged.

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