The Story behind the Symbols of Car Manufacturer


A product engineer from major manufacturers once told me, logo or symbol of a car brand, always served with a very special on the car.

The story behind the symbols of car Manufacturer



Despite the car’s price, the logo will still be made using the best materials to create a symbol that will be durable. According to him, the car can be worn, but not so with the brand identity, hence the role of the logo is very important whether it’s used on the exterior, the interior until the key though.
Then, if the logo is so important for a brand, would not have any letters or a symbol that is used. We believe there is meaning behind it. If not, there may be a design contest prize money was not a little to design a logo like that often do manufacturers.

Here we extracted the story behind your 5 symbols car manufacturer

Ferrari – The Prancing Horse


Many thought that the Prancing Horse emblem or the so-called Ferrari Prancing Horse is the most authentic identity. But not because the symbol is still used Ferrari in every car and never replaced it originally belonged to Francesco Baracca, a fighter pilot in World War I. Italian great pilot who had shot down 34 enemy aircraft is drawing horses prance above both feet back on the plane. Baracca victory was legendary in Italy at that time.


This makes the Enzo Ferrari, who was building his own brand after the exit of the Alfa Romeo keen to inherit and put it in the legendary emblem of its cars after the death of Baracca on the battlefield.
As reported on the official website of Ferrari, at the end of the war, Baracca’s parents offered Enzo Ferrarito use Cavallino Rampanto to be adapted to prouk-products. Enzo also adapt this symbol with a yellow shield that symbolize the region of origin Enzo, Modena and then appending the Italian tricolor flag.

Rolls-Royce – The Spirit of Ecstasy

Compared to other emblem story, maybe the story behind this mascot is the most controversial. Forbidden love story of a statue of a woman on the hood of a Rolls Royce, a statue called the Spirit of Ecstasy. Statue of a woman bent backward while stretching his shirt is also known as the Flying Lady, Silver Lady or Emily.
According to Forbes, the engraver, Charles Robinson Sykes made the figure of a beautiful woman from England, Eleanor Velasco Thornton, as an inspiration for the current model to carve a mascot on top of the silver. So who is this beautiful girl? He was the secretary of Lord Montague of Beaulieu, founder and editor of The Car Illustrated.


Lord Montague who are close to the leaders of Rolls-Royce, who was upset with ornaments mascot pinned on his car, volunteered to provide a design that can be represent a skin essence fast car, but still provide comfort without vibration machine that combines great energy and success of the living things.
Montague, believed to ask Sykes to make the secretary, Eleanor that he loved secretly (because Montague married) as a model for the mascot designed Sykes.

rolls-royce-says-no-contact-brazil-over-bribery-allegationsSykes was named the sculpture was originally The Spirit of Speed; however, the name is less representative with the image you want to display. As a result Sykes called it, “A graceful little goddess, the Spirit of Ecstasy,” That is the best creature chosen to cross the road with the beauty and luxury of outstanding.


Audi symbol, the four rings are connected; never absent from all Audi car models be it a luxury car, and the car sports. This symbol has a historical significance for Audi, Audi founding story, implied from this logo.


Yes according to Audi’s official website, the badge is symbols of the union of the four oldest automobile manufacturers in Germany who joined together in 1932 to create a brand with hybrid technology, Audi. The company is Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer. Each ring also has a sequence, the first ring on the left side, is Audi, the second ring is DKW, Horch third ring, and a fourth ring, Wanderer.

R8_1-650x400Audi logo was modified in 2009, the year in which Audi celebrated the birthday of 100. There are many significant changes, just change the size, color and appearance in general. This symbol in the modern era was always followed by the phrase “Vorsprung durch Technik,” which means innovation through technology.


Toyota emblem before we know now, with three ovals stacked to form the letter T; there are many stories during the trip legendary Japanese brand’s emblem. In 1936, the logo was first used characters ‘TOYODA’ on hexagonal frame. Toyoda word itself comes from the name of the founder, Sakichi Toyoda. Eight lines that framed it define success and luck.

toyota-recall-reuters_650x400_51467182338Even this emblem had received criticism. Because, at that time, not many people dare to write the family name as a company logo, especially not using the Japanese alphabet, Katakana. As a result the second time the logo is used, the name Toyoda presented in Katakana writing.
Using writing To You Da in Katakana, even this emblem became more conventional. Still using the principles of luck by eight strokes, But this is where the name ‘Toyota’ would appear. Due to an error the mention of the characters to be to you data because of similarities katakana between da and ta on the symbol, the name Toyota was agreed.
In 1989, to celebrate 50 years of Toyota fluttering in the automotive industry, they use a more modern logo. According to the official website of Toyota, it took almost five years to work on a new logo to be an array of three oval forms the letter.

ToyotaThe first two are stacked oval describe consumers’ hearts and the hearts of the company. Penumpukkan two ovals represent a very close relationship between the two. While the shape resembles the letter T is intended to describe the vehicle used. Each oval shaped using different thickness and size, according to the way Japanese people inscribe in its tradition.


Many thought that the BMW logo is a representation of a propeller plane that became the forerunner of the German company. No one did, because at the beginning of the era of BMW ad that made him famous, BMW logo symbolized formed from round the propeller and create the appearance of the BMW logo.

bmw-reuters_650x400_41446537202However, the story is actually quite long and represents the history of BMW. According logo design love, BMW previously named RAPP MOTOR, has a black circle with a script emblem RAPP at the top of the circle and included the dark horse in the middle.

story-20151211092924-p90091817_highr.a5073140542.originalcopy_resized_650x400Parallel to the company, the company logo was changed, but using the same principles. Black circles, with the name of the new company, BMW, but replacing the dark horse in the middle with the berpoila bavaria flag is blue-white chess.

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