Top 10 Strangest Places On Earth’s Still There

Talking about something terrible or strange indeed is an interesting thing. Everyone, perhaps including you curious about the things mystical. However, if you have the courage to visit?




Top 10 Strangest Places On Earth’s Still There

1. Area 51

Some tour stops strangest, perhaps the number one is occupied by the Area 51. The military is 80 miles from northwest of Las Vegas. There are rumors circulating this place a secret storage of various bodies of aliens and UFO technology that landed in Roswell, New Mexicoin 1947.


Area 51. Source:

2. Bermuda Triangle

This place is believed often devoured ships and planes without a trace. Most people believe that a variety of loss that occurred in this place is not caused by a storm or accident drowning.


Bermuda Triangle. Source:

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3. Atlantis

Still are many people who believe that this place exists and sank beneath the sea in ancient times. Even some researchers managed to find the path to Atlantis which had been lost.


Atlantis. Source:

4. Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid was constructed between 2589 and 2504 BC and reached an altitude of 481 feet or 146 meters. Many mysteries about how the pyramids were built with one stone weight of 2.5 tons.


Pyramid of Giza. Source:

5. The Nazca Lines

Atlantis may just be a legend, but the mysterious Nazca lines are real. The lines in the arid coast of Peru describe spiders, monkeys, plants, and various other figures. It is estimated that appears in 500 BC and the best way to see it is by air.


Nazca lines. Source:

No one knows how the Nazca culture became extinct and makes this line, but they are believed to have rituals associated with the constellations.

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6. Loch Ness

This place is a lake in the highlands of Scotland as deep as 755 feet or 230 meters and has a surface area of about 21.8 square miles or 56.4 square km.


Loch Ness. Source:

Surrounding communities believe that there is a huge beast lurking in this lake. The animal reportedly appeared in 1933, boosted by the emergence of long-necked animals in 1934.

7. Stonehenge

The purpose of the construction of the place is still a mystery to this day. It is believed that farmers and herders build Stonehenge 5,000 years ago and continued until 700 years later.


Stonehenge. Source:

There is no record of any of these buildings, except the striking shape in Salisbury, England.

8. Easter Island

Various carving giant Easter Island 40 feet long and 1,000 statues there. Reportedly there were bodies of miners were buried in this place and leaving only the human-like face on the ground.


Easter Island. Source:

9. Teotihuacan

City filled by a giant pyramid is expected to appear in 1,400 years ago and now, leaving only ruins, so no one knows who built this place or what the name for this place. The Aztecs were a pilgrimage to this place then refer to it as the place where the gods were created.

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Teotihuacan. Source:

Teotihuacan is a large urban area with an area of 8 square miles or 20 square kilometers and can accommodate home to 100,000 people. Teotihuacan is also known as the “Avenue of the Dead”.

10. Angkor Wat 

Among the largest religious monument ever built, Angkor Wat remains the most prominent because of its towers are beautiful and intricate artwork. Being in Cambodia, this place was built between 1113 and 1150 AD.


Angkor Wat. Source:

Originally, this place was built in honor of the god Vishnu, who later became the Buddhist sites.

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