7 Things That Makes Your Brain Smart


Makes Your Brain Smart

Every human being is born with a certain level of intelligence. The best thing you can do is to use the potential of the brain to the fullest. However, experts have now proved that any human being could increase the potential for riches and enjoyed every process that occurs. By learning new skills the brain would make way in order to work faster and better.

7 Things That Makes Your Brain Smart

Here are seven hobbies that can makes your brain smarter

Playing music         

Makes Your Brain SmartThis hobby can enhance creativity, analytical skills, language, math, motor movement, and others. Playing music amplifies the corpus callous –bundle nerve fibers that connects the left and right brain. Corpus callosum strong can help people in improving skills, memory, problem solving, regardless of your age.

Read anything

Makes Your Brain SmartRead anything, ranging from children’s books, like Harry Potter, until the newspapers; provide the same benefits for the Makes Your Brain Smart. This hobby can reduce stress and improve intelligence. If you love to read, then the ability to solve problems, sorting out the information, detect patterns, understand the process, and responding to other people’s feelings would be better.

Exercise regularly

Makes Your Brain SmartRegular exercise is better benefits than those who only occasionally with high intensity. With exercise, the body’s cells will contain lots of BDNF, a protein that helps the ability to remember, learn, focus, concentration, and understanding. Many researchers speculate, people who often sit in a long time will make the brain cannot work optimally.

Learning a foreign language

Makes Your Brain SmartForget playing puzzle. Try to learn a foreign language. A study showed that people who are bilingual have the ability to solve the puzzle is better than only one language only. Plus, with bilingual then you have the ability to monitor the environment and to bring attention to the process.

Test Your Cumulative Lessons

Makes Your Brain SmartMany intelligent students in schools and colleges, before the exam cramming the information’s. The problem is it has to quickly forget the knowledge that he can. One of the reasons to learn a new language makes humans smarter is because it requires cumulative learning. You are required to learn more about grammar and vocabulary. In the workplace you can apply this cumulative learning concept. Try to see again the work of time, do observation while it is important negotiations, and make a little journal what your interest.

Do Brain Exercise

Makes Your Brain SmartSudoku, puzzle, puzzles, board games, video games, card games all that can enhance neuroplasticity. This includes neural pathways and synapses, which basically is the brain’s ability to organize it again and Makes Your Brain Smart.


Makes Your Brain SmartIn 1992, the Dalai Lama invited a scientist, Richard Davidson, to study the brain waves during meditation. It turned out that when the Dalai Lama and other monks were told to meditate and focus on compassion, their brain waves showed in a state of very deep affection. Meditation becomes suitable for the ambitious hobby because of the results of this study make easy like Dalian brain waves. Other effects, so people know what they want. The situation is very important when you’re negotiating, asking for a raise, and sell goods or services.

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