Things to Consider Before Having the First Time Sex


Men do not have a lot of taboos, in contrast to women. However, there are some topics that never seem to be discussed by men especially about virginity. The man who has never had sex certainly will not announce his status to people because it is regarded as a failure and become a problem.

Things to Consider Before Having the First Time Sex



On the other hand, a woman who is a virgin is the socially acceptable and has many resources to seek advice about sex from magazines to vent to friends. Unlike the men concerned with the appearance macho so taboo to ask about sex guide for the first time.
For you are still a virgin, fair if you have any doubts about the first sexual experience and would like to seek the opinion of other people.

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Sex is not everything. It might sound contrary to what you may have heard, but this is reality. Sex is an important part of a relationship of men and women, but it does not reflect the overall relationship. The woman who will have sex with you for what you receive and will not leave you if things go not according to plan.


Beware of myths circulating. A lot of silly things that are believed by the male virgin, when it is completely different from the facts. Be careful to listen to the advice about sex from others.

Figures do not reflect what type of man you are. The general opinion is that more sex partners you are, the more intense you in touch sex. Many men feel proud and feel good in bed as ever slept with dozens of women. Whereas men can learn how to please women sexually faithful to one partner with.

Sex is not based by the size of your Mr.P. although it became a concern of many men. Size is not important for women, and there are plenty of ways to satisfy a woman without Mr. P. Great.


Make sure your body clean before sex occurs. Do not forget that you will be naked during sexual intercourse takes place, and you certainly want the body looks primed in front of the couple.

Pay attention to the food you eat before sex. Avoid foods heavy like fatty meat, milk, and carbohydrates. There are certain foods that will actually improve the performance of men in bed and make the mood more excited.

Do not be afraid to be honest to your partner that you’re still a virgin. Benefits of sex for Women, it will receive your honesty as something sweet and would love to be in your arms even though you have not experienced.


Do not get disappointed with your performance at first. Because of the enthusiasm that makes you get too excited, premature ejaculation may occur. It is no longer a nuisance after a few times you have sex.

Slowly but surely is the key to a satisfying sexual experiences. There are no rewards for anyone who managed to reach the top first. This will actually make you unable to enjoy the process.

The more the foreplay, is the better. Do not jump into action without heating. Hands tongue and lips are an important part of sexual intercourse and can increase satisfaction if used correctly.


Prepare yourself with condoms and lubricants for couples. Prepare the things you need to do to not ruin your time with your partner.

Pay attention to your partner’s response. If the couple just lay staring at the wall, do something else until he showed that he was enjoying sex with you.

Do not make the characters in a porn movie role in sex. Do not attempt to move or position that you often see in a porn movie the first time sex you have.

Do not be afraid to ask your partner if you are not sure what you’re doing. Women will respond when you ask and are happy to give guidance to roam her body.


No need to force if the penetration is difficult. Do not forget, foreplay is an important part to make her ready. Sex makes life happier and longevity.

Sexual intercourse is not a job but something that should be enjoyed by both parties. So do not be tense and experience that can only be obtained from first time sex.

You may try different positions to find which one is the most fun, but you do not need to think much about. You are not making the Kama Sutra, so do what you and your partner enjoy.

You will achieve satisfaction at one point, but try to hold out longer for the pleasure of your partner. If you achieve satisfaction first time sex, make sure you also help couples achieve satisfaction after you.


Take time after sex to cuddle and talk. You can reflect on your experience with him and get rid of the doubt that you are on your mind. In fact, you can learn a little bit to make the experience more enjoyable next.

Having the first time sex may not seem extraordinary, but you do not need to worry. It is very normal. Allow time for subsequent experiences.

Having sex will get better the more time goes by.

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