Things You Should Avoid When Undergoing a Digital Dating


For those of you who are on “digital dating” with your spouse, Lisa Hoenhn in his new book “You Probably Should not Write That: Tips and Tricks for Creating an Online Dating Profile That Does not Suck” gives you step -step that can help keep your date goes well.



Here are 23 things you should avoid when you are undergoing a “digital dating”

Insulting other people or other couples. This just goes to show who you really are.

Talking about the apocalypse or zombie. This is not going to happen, or even have long been over. Using the hash tag, Better you switch on Twitter or Instagram.

Include a link from the outside, this will only provide additional work for your spouse and this is not fun.

Mention your ex; this signifies that your date does not succeed.


Using the reference “new beginning” or “a good start” or “back again”, Romantic Dating with Sex Style. This indicates that you have a past that is not good.

Using “and others” in the end you mention your pleasure list this is hardly informative.

Using double spaces between sentences this shows that you are an ancient people.

Using the personal pronoun “you” to all the readers of this creepy, people will try to guess.

Using the exclamation point on the end of each sentence, this only shows that you are excited or angry.


Make a statement that’s tempting, but Jayus. This will only make your partner feel disgusted.

Fill your profile with rhetorical questions because one is enough.

Using the phrase “like everyone else” Because you do not like it.

Adding a listing in each paragraph. This will only make your partner feels bored when reading and do not provide clarity at all.

Write “said my friend, my …” Show me that you are more confident than this.

Make sexual references openly. It is dirty and can convey the wrong message.


Type all your sentences with a capital letter you’re not yelling.

Talking about other people’s lives, forests and money issues explicitly. This is something that is too personal.

Revealing the details of your medical history. Using too many emoticons, because you can still use words to express your feelings, rather than using emoticons.

Writing a poem about anything nobody will care. Saying that you are looking for a relationship that is free from any drama, because today is very clear that you have been fully engaged in a drama.

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