Things You Should Do Before Moving to a New Home


When you have to move a new home, you will probably have two kinds of different feelings. On one hand you will feel a burst of passion to immediately occupy the environment and start a new life that may be more qualified.

But on the other hand there may be a sense of weight and sadness left a lot of memories in the old house. But whatever you feel, go through so well that euphoria that you feel does not make you slip to make a mistake.

Things You Should Do Before Moving to a New Home



And as a guide, here are the most common mistakes people make when they just moved house.

Indulgence in social media

It’s okay to display photos of your home on your own social media accounts. But make sure not to include the full address, for example by adding a location as much detail as possible such as the name of the cluster complete with blocks and house number.

Then, do not say you are very busy with the transfer of the house. Status and address that you post on social media may become the target of a crime, like a thief. Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

No change of address


Report your move to the bank where you use a credit card, the insurer, as well as the company you invest. Because many insurers or banks that send bills and balance your report by mail.

In fact, some banks still somebody sends a new card in the mail. Well, that is not misused by other parties who are not responsible; make sure the correspondence sent according to your new home address.

Home address change also applies to online transactions that you often do.

Not report to BPJS

Health facilities with BPJS such as health centers or hospitals and clinics that can be used most likely tailored to where you live or your resident card. Want to Know How Benefits of Sex for Women


If you do not want to get too far from home health facilities, report a move where you live BPJS office.

No mutation of vehicle registration and BPKB

This applies if you move to another city and chances are you too often visit the old town are very small. Moreover, if there is no family that settled in the old town.

Imagine if you had to pay taxes or vehicle documents in the care of the old city. We recommend that you try to carry the mutation, and prepare all the files that will be needed.

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