7 Things You Should Know Before Marriage

When you get married maybe that is in your mind just is happiness. In fact, not all of it feels good when undergoing a wedding. Moreover, if you get married at the age of 20.

You may not have sufficient emotional maturity to deal with things that are not predicted.




Here are some things you must know before deciding to get married

  1. Your friends will begin to hesitate to invite you to go once married, you will feel much difference, and maybe one of them is the attitude of your friends.
  2. In fact, many people feel embarrassed to invite friends who are married go. You may feel a ‘little’ overlooked, instead they feel uncomfortable disturb your time with your partner.
  3. Combining a bank account is something that is very annoying if you normally only be responsible for your own expenses, now all things associated with money you should discuss with your partner.  If you usually no problem to spend big for one thing, when you have to think hard when it will make an expenditure.
  4. The properties will not be easily lost badly Married will not turn you suddenly become a very good person. Bad traits, such as emotional temperament and will remain in you.
  5. You’ll miss being with the family after the wedding, there are times you’ll miss being with the family, such as a vacation together. Best-in-law, things will never be the same with your parents.
  6. You will miss the atmosphere when you are still a single decoration of the rooms, the house, and all sorts of things that remind you when it still holds the status of the single will often make you longed to return to those times.
  7. Marriage is an uphill battle Married really requires great sacrifice. When one sick, the other spouse must be ready whenever his partner needs help. This is not an easy task and requires a serious commitment. Sometimes, you have to fight against the selfishness that is in us.
  8. In the end, a wedding is an amazing thing beyond all that has been mentioned earlier, the marriage continues to be a very enjoyable. You must ensure that you and your spouse always have the same viewpoint.

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