5 Tips for Choosing Micro SD Card for Smartphone




Not all Android phone vendors release a smartphone with support slot micro SD Card. In fact, interest in Android users will be the slot is pretty high. So, what the hell things that needs to be considered when choosing a micro SD card for your smartphones?

Here, 5 tips for choosing best Micro SD Card for your Smartphone

Make sure the device supports Micro SD card


Make sure the device supports Micro SD card unfortunately, not all smartphones have the support to the slot micro SD, and instead called the vendor has provided a large capacity internal storage space. Therefore, make sure smartphone Android you have the support of micro SD slot that can expand the internal storage space.

Differences Micro SDHC and SDXC

cards2When you buy a micro SD card, make sure you know the difference between SDHC to SDXC. The difference lies in the amount of data that can be stored by both. SDHC or secure digital high capacity to store up to 32GB while the SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) is able to accommodate the data began to 64GB and above.

To note, a lot of low-end smartphones do not support micro SDXC cards. Thus, it is important to ensure this before buying a SDXC card.

Meaning Class on a Micro SD card

SD Card TypesMicro SD cards present in the some class or classes, such as 2, 4, 5, and 10. What does it mean? Apparently, the class showed minimum level at which these cards can retain data transfer. In short, for Class 2, meaning that micro SD can read and write data at speeds of 2 Mbps. While the Class 10 can read and write data at 10Mbps.

At UHS intent Micro SD Card

At UHS intent Micro SD Card Since 2009, certain micro SD card compatible UHS-1 or UHS-4. In theory, you could say USH data transfer speeds reaching 312Mbps. currently; there are no smartphones that support the UHS. Therefore, the speed is very different from the micro SD card speed available today.

Micro SD which is better able to accelerate the performance


Micro SD which is better able to accelerate the performance of your smartphone main question posed in choosing a micro SD is, whether the better the SD card will improve performance smartphone? The answer is ‘yes’. If you keep your apps and photos on the SD card, the micro SD that has a higher speed would save photos faster, increasing data transfer rates when transferring files, and save the application faster.

Whereas if you open applications on the internal memory of the smartphone will definitely make the performance of the smartphone becomes slower. So, it’s ready to pick a SD card according to your needs?

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