Top 10 Best Android Games Endless Running

One genre of game that is quite popular among Android and iOS smartphone users are endless running, this game run without stopping to get the highest score. Yes, in this game you will run continuously follow the right direction, through various obstacles, and so on.

Well, the game is endless runner is already become the hallmark of mobile games. This game is much preferred because it is easy to play with simple controls, but still fun and quite challenging because it has a variety of obstacles.

Top 10 Best Android Games Endless Running

1. Batman v Superman: Who Will Win

Surely you’ve watched the movie Batman v Superman dong? Seru bangetkan gladiator fights the best in the history of the world, gods versus humans, fight night versus daytime. It feels incomplete if you have not played the game of his mobile.




Batman v Superman: Who Will Win is the official game of the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made by developer Warner Bros. also as the filmmaker. However, this game does not have a story or the same mission with the film because this game is a game of endless running Android. Each character has its own abilities. Superman with the power of flight, Batman with his shield, and a variety of other abilities that you can try yourself.

2. Looney Tunes Dash!

Who is not familiar with the figure of a rabbit character slinging Bugs Bunny and the chocolate that does not stop spinning, Tazmania Devil? The famous cartoon character participated entertain you in the world of endless running game, Looney Tunes Dash. So you can all reminisce. 8 Reasons Why You Should Dating Virgo Women

Interestingly, in the game Looney Tunes Dash you will not always try the same thing at every level. For example, when it becomes Bugs Bunny, you just helped him to get on the end of the street as a whole. At some level, you are also required to collect carrots with a certain amount. On the other hand, if you as Tweety, you’ll be chased by Sylvester who intends to eat you. And when it became Roadrunner, you will be pursued Coyote’s prey.

3. Lara Croft: Relic Run

You are a big fan of the game Tomb Raider? Surely you fall in love with the character of Lara Croft. Not only beautiful and sexy body, Lara Croft is also smart, agile, powerful, and rich. Well, you can play the character of Lara Croft in the smartphone you through the game Lara Croft: Relic Run made by developer renowned Square Enix.


Lara Croft: Relic Run is one of the game’s best endless runners, which requires Lara Croft to collect clues to uncover the ancient heritage. In this game you not only running, but also swinging, driving, and diving past the beautiful surroundings and challenging. Lara Croft will be armed with power-ups in the form of weapons to support his fight. The most interesting thing is this game presents battle epic bosses. Try it yourself directly deh let me not curious!

4. Spider-Man Unlimited

Endless runner game in the region is Spider-Man Unlimited made by Game loft. The reason, Game loft embellish this game with the storyline from the advice of Uncle Ben, so it is fun when played. You will play as Spider-Man must save New York City from attack plotters named Sinister Six are screw-turvy in the city of New York. When the Luxury Car Manufacturer Make Bicycles

Spider-Man Unlimited is not just any endless runner only. Some minor details added in the mechanism of the game. This game grows special because you can find cool actions such as running, climbing buildings and hanging. Every action has a respective control so that the experience of playing you will not be monotonous.

5. RunBot – Rush Runner

Game run-larian next best Android is RunBot – Runner Rush made by developer Genera. As the name implies, this game tells the story of a robot who escaped from one of the robot factory in a city. You have to run as far as possible and face obstacles such as firing at the drone before you attacked them.

When running, you have to pay attention to energy indicators of Bot who was in the bar to the left. The bar will continue to decrease and will continue to decrease if you hit something. Energy bar will increase if you continue to collect the batteries that are along the way. If you’re already running away, there is an action in which the Bot jump and plunge into a hallway. You’ll use the feature gyroscope to avoid all the pitfalls that exist in the aisle.

6. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a game of endless snowboarding odyssey against a backdrop of beautiful mountain scenery and ever-changing. This game features motion-based fluid physics, terrain changed irregularly as well as lighting and dynamic weather effects. Top 10 Most Unique Highways in the World

No need to doubt me, a game made by developer Noodle cake Studios Inc. is indeed a very beautiful visual. You’ll race as far as possible to avoid various obstacles such as skipping village rooftops, jumping over ravines, and deceive the inhabitants of the mountains. Just like skiing in the real world, you can also perform various acrobatic stunts ranging from backflips until grinding.


7. Subway Surfer

This one game you’ll often see children on the tablet. Yes, Subway Surfers is a game best Android endless runner that tells the escape of a child from the officers who tried to chase him for drawing on the walls of the city.

What makes it interesting? The answer, a captivating graphic quality. Your mission is to help Jake, Tricky and Fresh to escape from the pursuit of security guards and dogs bulldog of his. Because an endless runner game, you certainly will not see the end. That there is even accelerating, with obstacles to gain weight and you should avoid while collecting as many coins.

8. Crossy Road

Be careful when crossing the road, more or less was the picture of the game Crossy Road. You will help the chicken and a variety of zany characters to cross the highway were filled with vehicles. Well, that makes you challenge is the way in game Crossy Road has no end and this is where the endless runner game Crossy Road.

Not only will busy street that you face, you also have to pass through obstacles such as streams and rail lines, each of which requires timing is right to be traversed safely. Cross the river using a wooden float requires planning because your movement will be limited by the length of wood dipijak. You should also be wary of the signal to estimate the arrival of the train tracks that pass as fast as lightning.

9. PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Maze made by Bandai Namco is also one of the best Android games endless running. PAC-MAN 256 presents a cross-maze game classic PAC-MAN style isometric form, complete with the addition of power-ups varied. Some Amazing Benefits of Breast Massage

In addition to reminisce for presentation similar to Pac-Mania, You will also get a new touch, namely the options are endless labyrinth, complete with chase Glitch 256 behind.


10. The Pit

Game endless running Android next best is The Pit made by developer Ketchapp. In this game you can only survive if you’re skilled enough. Yes, you have to know when to move and no less importantly, you also need to know exactly when to jump.

You will run in an endless field, with a variety of deadly traps that await you. The controls are designed in this game is easy, as it only requires the touch of a tap or a tap with one finger. However, you will hardly have time for a long sigh, unless your character dies and does not want to play anymore.

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