Top 10 Countries with the World’s Best Technology


Developed countries are terms used to describe countries that are calculated enjoy a high level of development that is based on measures such as the level of prosperity and high quality of life. The hallmark of a developed country is the industrial sector continues to increase, having qualified human resources, to be able to manage natural resources well and have advances in science and technology.

Top 10 Countries with the World’s Best Technology

Related to technology, there are some countries that have excellence in the field of tech could even be said to be very advanced and beat the other countries. America, for example, countries that are considered as the superpower it has a very modern tech. In America a variety of important discoveries occurred, from incandescent light bulbs to aircraft.



In addition there are Finnish states in Europe that is not only focused on the development of technology only, but take into account the implications for human health. Developed countries know exactly what to do so that countries and peoples have enjoyed a prosperous life. Developed countries always create and utilize technology to provide welfare for the people.

Here Top 10 Developed Countries with the best technology in the world

United States of America

Since the 19th century, the United States has become the forefront of technological advances. In America the film camera was first created, the first light bulb was made, the first air flight carried out, and various studies conducted in the United States has brought the world heading to the Atomic Age.


The technological advances achieved American space even makes the country as one of the world’s superpower. Moreover, in the scientific research, the United States is the manufacturer of most of the research papers scattered all over the world.


The Australian Government has committed to encourage and promote science and technology in the country. To that end, Australia even builds a special place called the Techno Park in Sidney. The place was not only a center of scientific research, but also a center of entertainment for children, to bring them to the world of technology.

In this case, Australia focuses on information and communication technology, biotechnology, manufacturing, mining, and food industries. A big step was also put Australia at the forefront of the technological race among other countries.


Although not as large as the total area of Java technology in the land of the windmills can not be refuted. With all the limitations such as not having rich natural resources like Indonesia, Holland can create and utilize technology in order to cover the shortfall.

In the technological inventions, including great Dutch are not inferior to the United States and Japan. The Netherlands has a long list of discoveries, including microscopes, compact disc, pendulum clock, until the artificial kidney. In addition, the Netherlands has also made great progress in the fields of engineering, aerospace, and military technology.


Internationally, Finland is known as a country of high technology air. In terms of industrial technology, Finland arguably more advanced than other countries. That’s because Finland is not only focused on its technological superiority alone, but also take into account the impact on human health.


Researchers from Finland is also well-known in the field of environmental care, the improvement of forest, brain and genetic research, communication technology, to infrastructure and other innovative discoveries.


Britain has a great influence to the other countries in the world, not only in history but also in technology. Britain is the first country in the industrialized world, apart from being the discovery of many important things that influence covers all over the world.

In England the locomotive was found, along with jet engines, electric motors, and televisions. In the UK’s first commercial electrical services are also developed. And finally, the Internet or World Wide Web that are currently used billions of people in the world was also created in the UK.


In supporting research in the field of technology, the Japanese government budgeted cost of up to US $ 130 billion. With that much money, scientists and engineers arguably Japan can do anything in terms of research. As a result, Japanese scientists have made outstanding contributions in the fields of electronics, automobiles, machinery, manufacturing, industrial robotics, to semiconductors.


Japan has been regarded as a global leader in the exploration of the scientific and technological base. A total of 13 Japanese scientists have won the Nobel Prize is regarded as clear evidence that large budget given to them are not wasted.


As many as 85 percent of the Canadian population has used the Internet. The fact it can become an illustration of his country closely with the advancement of technology. In fact, Canada has indeed done a lot of development and research in the field of technology. The state government even allocates 1.8 percent of GDP dai country for research purposes and research.

In the field of global technology, Canada is in the field of space science. While the country’s 18 scientists have won the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, and medicine.

South Korea

South Korea goes ahead without irreversible in terms of outstanding technological development in the field of electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, petrochemicals and robotics. Even some of their exports of these sectors, and the results are used to continuously develop the country’s progress in the field of technology.


One of the Korea spectacular technology is the creation of human-like robot called Hubo. Not long after that, the scientists there also made a breakthrough in biotechnology and successfully clone a dog. After that success, they began planning to clone the species endangered.


Although not a large country, Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world. Using his wealth, the Singapore government to build a specialized institution in the field of technological research and its financing.

The Agency for Science Technology and Research , or commonly called the A-Star, is a government agency that is committed to promoting research and development, for the purpose of providing better resources for its citizens.


Internationally, Singapore has been recognized as a highly developed country in the fields of medicine, food science, clinical research, while the military in the country known as the most technologically advanced military in Southeast Asia.


As a relatively small country, Sweden has the highest living standards in the world. But that’s not what makes the Swedish entry in the list of the most technologically advanced countries. Sweden allocates 4 percent of its GDP on research and training purposes in the field of technology, something that is rarely done in other countries.

Due to the fact that Sweden was also known for the quality of its scientific and technological development. Sweden is a big commitment to create innovative, and for that purpose they produced countless scientific papers in the fields of medicine, natural sciences, to engineering. In the technology field, the two fields are very great from Sweden are pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. Indeed, the existence of technology to all countries can not indisputable, progress of a country we can see from how the country is managing and leveraging technology to the benefit of society.

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