World’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads


If the assumption is dangerous highway, it is very true. Many factors could be causing the word danger can arise. Although the highway has been made as safe as possible with the amount of guardrail, street lighting, traffic signs, and the condition of the asphalt is good, dangers still lurk. In addition to the highway itself, motorists no responsibility could be the biggest risk for us is always driving on the highway . Usually the driver undisciplined and would not heed the safety of others or their own safety.



Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Another case of harm caused to various factors around the highway. A highway built on the landscape is not to be used as a road, definitely a lot of potential accidents. But sometimes circumstances factor requires a path to connect two remote areas that are not isolated from civilization. Become a perfunctory way that regardless of the rules of safety for the users of the road. We summarize the 10 most dangerous roads in the world from dangerous level a little, until the highway that has been consuming a lot of casualties.

10. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

Connecting road between Sichuan to Tibet known as the most dangerous highways in China. This highway starts from Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, and ends in Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region. Total distance stretches across 2,142 km with 14 mountain passes, forests and many cross the river.


Because of the hilly landscape up and down, road construction is made with lots of twists and zigzags.Past many cliffs, valleys and uphill towards the mountains and then descend again, then along the edge of the river and many cross. This route takes very long to drive 44 hours nonstop. But when many stops to see the sights can take 15 days.

Why is this dangerous road? Because it is not fully paved like a motorway in general. At one time, a group of adventurers carrying 11 sports cars a long way down this road. The result of 6 cars failed due to damage to the axle and tire, not even cover half the journey. 10 Beautiful and Stunning Train Routes in India

9. The Stelvio Pass, Italy

In addition to being one of the highways of the most fun to drive there, it could also endanger the Stelvio track. Especially if lulled will smooth asphalt and beautiful scenery. The streets are winding fishing to continue to spur strong car driven. And many lead to an accident due to not limit the speed.


The Stelvio Pass, or in its bahasi Italy Passo dello Stelvio, situated in the Alps in Tyrol between the Stelvio and Bormio in the southern part of the province of Sondrio. It lies at an altitude of 2,757 meters above sea level, making it the second highest road in the Alps after the Col de L’lesarn in France.

Looks highway is not creepy. The number of hairpin make Stelvio Pass look like spaghetti from a height. Street continues uphill for 2km and is limited only as a short concrete wall dividing the gorge; we recommend that you do not often look down. And if too fast to race and could not control it, can lead to disaster.

8. Los Caracoles Pass, Chile

Los Caracoles Pass is a mountain pass highways Andreas between Argentina and Chile. Many sharp bends with steep elevation along this road. And that makes it very dangerous, not the guardrail as a protector. This way most of the year covered in snow. Plus snowy landscape complex, any driver would have difficulty driving on this highway.


Actually highway Los Caracoles has preserved condition whose effects can reduce the potential for accidents. Conditions are also crowded by vehicles tour buses and trucks making it the main line. Still, it takes patience and a high driving ability to be able to get out of the highway safely.

7. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

Skippers Canyon Road is located in Southwest island of New Zealand. This famous street is terrible because it is located on the edge of the cliff and immediately confronted with the abyss. The width of the road is also very narrow just enough for one car so it will be difficult to maneuver.


The road surface is not a smooth road, but the sandy soil. If the hot, dry conditions will be very dusty and blocking the view. When rain will turn into a very slippery wet soil so it makes it very dangerous. To pass this way need an entry permit beforehand? After obtaining these licenses have great challenges ahead. Especially when it bumped into the car from the opposite direction, you’re in big trouble. How to Wash Underwear in the Right Way

6. Zoji Pass, India

Zoji lane located at the Indian National Highway 1D is right in the mountains. This pathway is vital because the link between Kashmir and Ladakh. Especially for the people of Ladakh, the road is like lifeblood to connect them with the outside world.

Zoji lane at an altitude of 3,528 meters above sea level, making it the second highest road after Fotu La. The position is not as high as a mountain path like Khardung La, Chang La, and others. But Zoji La (call to locals) is considered the most dangerous mountain path for landscaping and road conditions that can be practically does not deserve to be called a highway. When the snow season, the line is definitely closed as it would be very dangerous.

5. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

The saying “there is a will, there’s a way” seems to fit pinned to the villagers Guoliang in China. In order not to be isolated from the outside world, they create a tunnel Guoliang on the edge of a very high cliff. In the end, not only has its own access to the civilization of the city, this tunnel turned out to seize the attention of many local and foreign tourists.


Guoliang village lies the secluded away from the city center Henah province. Because of remoteness, difficult for villagers to travel to other provinces. Plus almost the entire area around Guoliang are vertical rocks that are particularly at risk. How to Restore WhatsApp Messages in Your Google Drive

Because of the situation, the villagers decided to dig a tunnel through rock. It took five years until the project is completed to produce a tunnel 1,200 meters, 5 meters high, 4 meters wide and up to now the main road Guoliang population. Although it provides a view of the charming, nonetheless horrible drive on the edge of a deep ravine.

4. The Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

Karakoram highway an asphalt highway that connects the world’s highest in China and Pakistan. The road through the mountains of the Karakoram toward Khunjerab track with a height of 4,693 meters above sea level. Which makes it very dangerous road is often the case landslides and floods, and once inside the Pakistani territory is no longer paved road. But nonetheless become a tourist destination especially from the spectacular surrounding scenery along the Silk path.


The majority of these paths through the mountains stones with tarmac were on the edge of a deep ravine. And many of them are stone roofed tunnel which is not higher than a roof of the bus. Landslides often occur due to unstable ground contours. Risks that makes his way past the line was so tense.

3. James Dalton Highway, Alaska

Also known as the Haul Road, James Dalton Highway is more famous as a very dangerous highway. The freeway is always covered with snow is also very windy even able to fly gravel. In addition, many potholes are not visible and the most terrible, the street is like being in the middle of nowhere. Never Ignore these 5 Diabetes Symptoms


Stretching along 667 km in Alaska, the road starts from Elliott James Dalton Highway, north of Fairbanks, and ends at Dead horse near the North Sea and Prudhoe Bay oil field. This road is very dangerous because it has a proven record of deaths of up to 3,000 people per year. Therefore the helicopter always patrols nonstop.

2. Line Jalalabad-Kabul, Afghanistan

Many highways claimed as the most dangerous road in the world. But in contrast to the path along the 65 km that connects the city of Jalalabad and Kabul in Afghanistan. Not only terrorist Taliban, the combination of narrow streets, winding and climbing up to 600 meters and then invariably overtaken by the Afghan truck drivers were dilapidated truck and loaded beyond capacity, sour any less skilled driver.


The highway is very challenging because it is testing the endurance and stamina of the driver’s vehicle. Because the track is narrow and winding, sometimes boarded by another car, one side of the tire to hang on the brink. Hiking mountains classified as extreme. Differences between Kabul and Jalalabad elevation of 1,200 meters, resulting in the rise and fall there are many steep. Congestion also often happens that usually caused by roadwork or bad weather.

1. The North Yungas Road, Bolivia

La Carretera do los Yungas road is probably the most famous and most dangerous in the world.Cobblestone streets along the lines covering 69 km between La Paz and Coroico, in the province of Yungas, Bolivia. So dangerous, this road until dubbed the “Line of Death” because it has already cost many lives.


About 200 to 300 people are killed each year. The path is narrow and steep climb up ketinggan 4,650 m, plus the valley wind is blowing hard. Accidents are frequent, the car fell into the abyss as deep as 1,000 m and there is little chance of survivors. That is why, Bolivia applying driving in the right lane or left the car with the steering wheel, if passing through “death pathway” may be the opposite. Because the driver with the steering wheel left and walk on the left lane will be easier side street directly related to the gorge.

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