Top 10 Future Cars Coming Soon in the Market


Future Car Market Coming Soon I can not deny the development of science and technology could not be stopped. Here, Many new technologies including automotive world that is now being developed. One of them is the car of the future that is very futuristic and will soon be present in the market.

Top 10 Future Cars Coming Soon in the Market

In the midst of a campaign to reduce gas emissions from motor vehicles, many major automotive manufacturers began designing a concept car that is fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.


The designers of the major automotive manufacturers were racing to make future car design aerodynamics. It is also equipped with advanced features to support the security sector, comfort. So, that new technologies can provide benefits for humans in the future. Here topworldfact present some new technology from the automotive world 10 most futuristic car being developed and will soon is on the market. Please scrutiny and do not forget to share your friend.

10 Future Cars Most Futuristic Its Coming Soon in the Market

Mercedes Benz Biome

mercedes-benz-biome--11_600x0wMercedes, one of the legendary German manufacturers is known as one of the car manufacturers never misses the latest technology. If successful embedding of technology sophistication in McLaren P1 supercar, this diamond bearing the company also successfully made the car full of first-class technology called a biome.

Mercedes_BiomeIt is first appeared in the arena of the Los Angeles Design Challenge. Utilizing natural ingredients to the body, a material called Bio Fiber is called is made from recycled materials but has a power that is not less than the carbon fiber material.

Toyota iRoad

The development of futuristic car currently is split into two paths, the first compact car with a hybrid engine or purely friendly environment and the second is the type of small car for urban areas.

i-road_07_tcm40-35518The second type is what is now being developed under the name Toyota iRoad. Embracing the concept of three-wheeled car, called the Toyota iRoad this can go far without wasting a lot of energy from the electric motor is carried. Toyota parties themselves say if Toyota iRoad will later be aimed at urbanites in dense urban areas.

Kia Pop

Kia also has the same idea with Toyota is to build cars of the future with a single form sitter environmentally friendly.

kia-pop-concept-7770-600This is manifested in the form of Kia Pop concept car that comes with carrying electric motors with a tiny body. Comes with a car like the design in science fiction movies, Kia Pop is claimed to be sped up to more than 100 km with a single rechargeable battery.

Toyota Nori

Toyota Nori is a second concept car from Toyota that comes to offer sporty-futuristic shapes. First introduced in 2010, Toyota Nori is made with podular design concept, in which the body and chassis is made whole.

Toyota_NORI_sketchesThis design concept makes Nori be the car of the future is lightweight and can be purchased at affordable prices for the material used is not as much as a conventional car.

Cadillac Aera

Equally with European and Asian car manufacturer, General Motors (GM) also comes with a concept car called the Cadillac Aera.

Cadillac-Aera-Concept-6-720x458Although created as an environmentally friendly car, but GM did not leave the impression of luxury, powerful, and stylish in this one car. Carrying the body and chassis are very light, the car is still comfortable to use by bringing up four seats in the interior.

cadillac-aera-1_600x0wOne of the flagship technologies that brought the Cadillac Aera is a kind of pneumatic engine drive system which is claimed to improve fuel efficiency to make more environmentally friendly cars.

Terrafugia TF-X

If a row of cars above just focused on making environmentally friendly cars but still can be used in everyday life, the Terrafugia comes with other solutions in the form of a flying car.

gallery-9Hailed as one of cypress innovation to overcome the problem of congestion, Terrafugia TF-X was present as one of the first flying car to be mass produced and sold in the market.

terrafugia-tfx-2Later this car can be used in two concepts, on land and in the air. The car is also supported which can be bent wings and propellers that can also make vertical flight for takeoff.


Other representatives from Germany are also not to be outdone BMW concept car featuring a futuristic and environmentally friendly. In addition to launching the BMW i8 on the market that carries the concept of hybrid and environmentally friendly, BMW also has another mainstay namely BMW Gina.

ginaBMW Gina that has been developed since 2001 it has often taken in the mat BMW auto show around the world. This one is called the car has advantages in terms of design is very aerodynamic and also made of very light material in the form of a special fabric.

Google Smart Car

wpid-wp-1445270945066Future cars next come from Google. Yes one of the largest technology companies in the world has also started a project called Google’s smart cars Self-driving car. By using the camera and also a map data base of Google Maps. Later the car was projected to be a tool that can deliver intelligent transport users wherever there must be no people or motorists at the wheel.

Chevrolet EN-V

In addition to GM, other manufacturers from the United States are also issued Chevrolet mini car for urban claimed is environmentally friendly entitled EN-V. Car this one comes as a form of cooperation Chevrolet, Segway, and SAIC.

chevroletChevrolet own party claims if the EN-V will be very suitable to be a means of transportation in major cities in the future.

F 015 Luxuries in Motion

As not satisfied with the Biome concept, Mercedes was again issued an environmentally friendly car concept futuristic named F 015 Luxury in Motion. Unlike the biome, the car comes with the concept of environmentally friendly, modern, and luxurious. Not only brings electric engine that produces no carbon dioxide or monoxide exhaust gas, the car also offers luxury in terms of interior that carries passengers be in the future.

Video Source: Mercedes Benz

Control of the wheel of this car was no longer fixated on the steering wheel round, but the driver can also rely on cruise control makes this car can be driven through interactive touch screen.

Now that 10 cars of the future that will soon come on the market, it is the technology continues to evolve and move forward to a better direction again. Many technologies are built and created to help human civilization to be getting easier.

09-Mercedes-Benz-F-015-Luxury-in-Motion-660x602But not a few also an evolving technology is even bring negative effects to humans who use it

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