Top 10 Reasons Why Some Men Hard Committed


Are you currently stuck in a relationship that is not clear is the purpose? Routines dating, and lived alone, does not guarantee a man give any clarity on the relationship you both?

Here, some real reasons why some men hard committed with girls

Not surprisingly, you often wonder why it is difficult for a man to commit. Here are some reasons why a man difficult to make based on the opinion of an expert, Rich Santos.


He still wanted to play once a man decides to commit to a woman, then he will lose the chance to date other women. Therefore, most men retain the opportunity to live alone as long as they can afford. Moreover, if they still do not know exactly what they are looking for.

Women mature faster committed means to grow into more mature for some men. For some men, they do not want to grow up. Or they simply delay the maturation process them all that they can do. The commitment is a sign of maturity, and some men too early to mature, especially new entrants to the age of twenty.

There are other people besides you would be hard for a man to commit to a woman, if someone other than you thinks. Just imagine, if you can make a commitment to someone, if in your head there is more than one person who captivate.


He has other priorities in a life; it is difficult to balance between love, family, work, and other aspects of life. If there is something in life that makes an impact larger than life romance, he will commit to that, and think about aspects of love only when he has time.

He has a dark past will be very likely you meet a man who has a dark past with love in the past, or she is a child of a broken family. The pain is not relieved of his past can make it hard to commit.

He is afraid that this relationship can not be overstated Committed also has risks. Every time you connect with other people, you actually take the risk. Some people think that things will definitely not go well, it is not worth trying. But remember, that you will not be absolutely sure of a thing, and this is what makes some people dare to commit.

His friends no one has committed if you can get a man who dared to commit the first time compared with his friends, then you should be given credit. Many of the men wanted to commit, but do not be the first among his friends. You need to know that there is some sort of appreciation and respect, which is given to a man who did the last commitment among his friends.


He just wants sex this is probably the saddest thing, but if you have never had these feelings to your spouse you, this is really happening. Many men came to the woman only for sex, nothing more.

He does not really love you many reasons from a man who did not want to make is that he feels that he does not have to do with you. He must regard you as someone who is fun to be a date, but not the right person to convince him to commit. When facing this, you need to do is just continue with your life well.

Couple on bed

You forced her to commit if he wants to commit to you, let it happen by itself. If you continue to force her to do that, it would only upset, and you will get away with what you expect.  You would prefer it when it happens by itself, coming from his own, and not because he was forced to do so. Try to imagine how you feel when someone is forcing you to air commitments?

Above all, if indeed he is a man who does not want to commit to you, immediately make a decision. You deserve a better man, who can appreciate you and do not hesitate to make your life partner.

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