Top 5 Countries with World’s Best Infrastructure Development


Forward of a country can be measured by how the economic conditions and the ongoing development in a country. Infrastructure in fact has become the main capital for a country for the welfare of community life. State of roads, houses, until other important buildings turned out to be a very important asset and should always is considered by the government.

Top 5 Countries with World’s Best Infrastructure Development



Good infrastructure development especially coupled with cutting-edge technology today is definitely going to give a lot of benefits for the country. We can see how construction is done in developed countries world. With all the sophistication utilized its people became prosperous. Transport equipment hotel building, to hospitals, airports and others appeared to have become the face of the base that must be maintained by the state.

Well here are five countries in the world that has the best infrastructure in the world who quoted from the World Economic Forum (WEF), whether Indonesia including in it, please direct read only:



Japan is number one country in terms of development of the railroads and number four in the availability of the best bench. They realize the train is the most effective transport so far. The quality of port construction Japan’s lowly ranked at 22. Meanwhile, the quality of the airport they only occupy the 25th position. “Japan is taking advantage of the benefits of their infrastructure to the economy. Japan is also a country with the healthiest population with life expectancy reaching 80 years,” the WEF. Five Successful Element design made history in the Automotive World

United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates became the number one country in terms of the quality of the course and number two for the development of air transport infrastructure. However, in terms of electricity supply, the country ranks only 10th. “United Arab Emirates has a macro economic conditions were superb. The infrastructure development is progressing rapidly,” wrote WEF.



Shopping became the country’s number one port in the quality and number two for the road. However, they are ranked 23 in terms of availability of low benches. “The economy Netherlands may be small but very rapid growth. In particular, in the fields of education, infrastructure, and institutions in the past year,” the WEF.



Singapore became the number one country in terms of aviation infrastructure and the number two in the port sector. As state services, they are well aware of the important role these two sectors. Top 8 Website Logo in the Technology Industrial

“The development of infrastructure in Singapore is very high, transparent and efficient. Moreover, supported by its macroeconomic stability,” wrote the WEF.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is number one country or most convenient for mobile phone users and the number two in terms of power supply. Disadvantages of this country are in the availability of low benches, where they ranked 17th.


Hong Kong’s infrastructure development continues racing goes beyond Singapore. “This achievement demonstrates how infrastructure quality Hong Kong excels in all areas of transportation,” the report said.

Well, that’s if only five countries with the best infrastructure development and the most advanced in the world.

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