5 Most Powerful Chinese billionaires in the World


Currently Asia is claimed as one of the largest continents and also the most populated in the world is regarded as the region with the highest growth of economic performance compared with other continents.

Top 5 Most Powerful Chinese billionaires in the World

This can be seen from the number of new millionaires were born in the world. Already many of the newly rich emerging countries of Asia, especially China.



China to today is known as the most advanced countries in the world. Although the use of the communist system, the development of the bamboo curtain country is remarkable. Already many rich people who came from China, even products originating from China had already entered into the world.

No wonder that China is regarded as a country that has a major influence on the world. With the political system and the strict government regulations that prohibit various kinds of foreign products to China makes people compete with each other creating a variety of technology products that might compete with technology from other countries.

Here are 5 Most Powerful Chinese billionaires in the World

Robin Li

The boss of search engine company Baidu has become the king of the Internet industry in China with Alibaba and Tencent. Operational Baidu which is similar to the Google. Baidu under the control of Robin continued to expand. More recently, Baidu cooperate with assemblers Mercedes-Benz in China Daimler to provide software components Mercedes.


Baidu is currently also developing smart cars that can drive themselves. It is expected by the end of the year, the car has to be introduced to the public. Wealth Robin in Baidu is currently predicted to reach USD 11 billion or equivalent to Rp 150.6 trillion.

Wang Jianlin

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin recently bought World Triathlon Corporation, a company that organizes the world triathlon competition for USD 650 million. This corporate action is made to enlarge the business empire of exercise that is growing. Reporting from CNN, World Triathlon is the organizer of the Ironman triathlon competition, where the prestigious competition a number of athletes to be swimming, running and cycling for 17 hours.


Wang previously own stocks football club Atletico Madrid. After acquiring World Triathlon, Dalian Wanda Group, a company Wang Jianlin will become the world’s biggest sports company. Wang recently overtaking the billionaire Li Ka-shing as Asia’s richest man. According to the rating agency riches, Hurun, Wang wealth has now reached $ 42.6 billion or equivalent to Rp 583.3 trillion.

Jack Ma

More than ten years ago, Jack Ma is not critical given the rich people in China. He just unemployment achievement in college was mediocre. But who would have thought Jack Ma is now known as the founder of the largest e-commerce Alibaba in China whose company competing with eBay-owned American.


Ma’s success did not happen overnight. Necessary seriousness and determination to be successful steel as thick as it is today. This time Jack Ma became the number two of the richest in China after Wang Jianlin. Ma estimated wealth of USD 25.6 billion, or equivalent to Rp 350.5 trillion.

Li Ka-shing

Li Ka-Shing is one of Asia’s richest man with an estimated fortune of USD 20.1 billion, or equivalent to Rp 267 trillion. Ka-Shing is one supporters of Facebook, and recently bought Hutchison Whampoa Company that is the second largest mobile operator in the UK, O2.

Top 5 Most Powerful Chinese billionaires in the World

Last year, Ka-Shing also invested USD 23 million in the company, namely egg substitute vegetable Hampton Creek through its Horizon ventures. However, Ka-Shing from poor families becomes victims of Japan’s war with China in 1940 ago. At that time, Ka-Shing and the family had no choice but to move to Hong Kong to escape.

Jiang Jianqing

Jiang Jianqing is the executive director of the world’s largest commercial bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). ICBC is currently with assets of approximately USD 3.5 trillion. Jiang at ICBC career began just a cashier in 1984. In fact, prior to working there, he was just a farmer and miner village.


In 2000, Jiang’s career shot to the president. However, at that time, the bank is almost on the verge of bankruptcy. Now under the leadership of Jiang, ICBC has earned a profit of USD 45 billion per year. This figure is far from achieving the American-owned JPMorgan Chase.

Well, that’s if it were five billionaires from China, which has a major influence on the world. With all the success and development of various aspects, the world needs to be vigilant due to the current China has made a breakthrough in which all products originating from China have entered almost all countries.

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