Top 5 Spring Festival in the South Korea


This time we will still give information on the Spring Festival the most exciting in South Korea. Yeah right, indeed the country South Korea is one of many countries that have four seasons. One of them is the spring or also known as spring time. In this season seems the country is so beautiful with the scenery filled with blooming flowers.

This time also the most awaited by the local community and tourists, Because not only the flowers that bloom that will give you the impression interesting here, but also in spring arrives local authorities will hold a celebration in the form of the spring festival. It aims to celebrate the arrival of spring as well as providing exciting entertainment on every visitor who comes.



Top 5 Spring Festival in the South Korea

1. The Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival

 Spring Festival of the most interesting in South Korea the first is Jeju Cheery Blossom Festival. In the spring arrives, the island is very popular in South Korea will be filled with flowers. In fact, the island is also rumored to be the island with cherry blossoms at most every year. But not hnaya that, uniquely in this island is a sakura cherry flower large lidded.  Underarm Hair Removal Method for Girls


Artistry displayed in Jeju Island is also increasingly attractive to the convening of Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is routinely conducted in March-April. In this place you can watch a free concert open to every visitor. The concert was also held at the Sports Complex Plaza. Various jazz concerts, Jeju folk concerts, instrumental concerts and various other performances here not just a concert, you can also enjoy a variety of traditional foods there at the booths in the festival area.

2. Jeju Canola Flower Festival


Canola Flower Festival is the Spring Festival the most exciting in South Korea. The festival will be opened in April when the whole began to be filled with Canola flower beds. There are several other tourist attractions are also filled with blooming Canola like Jusangjeollo and Pacific Land. At this festival you can enjoy the view by way of hiking or biking. Jeju scenery dominated by yellow color these further ads to the splendor of the ongoing festival.

3. Hwagae Cherry Blossoms Festival

Spring Festival of the most interesting in South Korea the third is Hwagae Cheery Blossoms Festival.Still in April, this festival adds to the ranks of festival to celebrate spring. Hwagae located in Gyeongsangnam-do is one of the areas covered by Sakura flower tree largest in South Korea. जानिए माँ दुर्गा के नौ अवतारों के बारे में


One of the most famous of the mat cherry blossom festival is the 10ri Blossom Road. “Ri” is a traditional Korean unit of measurement equivalent to 4.5 km. This road is also called the “marriage road”. This is because the place is visited by the young couple who were in love. While enjoying the flowers in bloom, some cultural performances were held to entertain the visitors. The show usually held in Hwagae market and various restaurants serving traditional regional cuisine such as Euneo-hoe and Chamgetang.

4. Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

City of Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do Province, has also become one of the attractive destinations to visit when spring comes. And you know, that place is transformed into a city that is filled with butterflies that will certainly aesthetically very beautiful. But not only butterflies, various ornaments themed butterflies such as lights and decorations are also installed there.


It can be concluded that the butterfly be the main theme of the celebration of spring Hampyeong city. That’s why Spring Festival the most exciting in South Korea untitled Hampyeong Butterfly Festival. The festival also featured not only butterflies, but also an assortment of insects and aquatic plants. The festival is usually concentrated in Hampyeong Expo Park Area. So do not miss your chance to visit here yes.

5. Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival


And the Spring Festival the most exciting in South Korea last is Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is held every year in April. Along Yeuido, Seoul will be filled with the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. When spring came, about 1,400 cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, decorate this place. Various events were held in the region to spoil the tourists who are fascinated with the beautiful Sakura flowers. This place was so beautiful at night. At night in the visible light that is so romantic. The best way to tour when Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is to spend time from afternoon until evening in Yeouido.

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