Top 7 Youngest CEO in the World


Chief Executive Officer or CEO is a major director who has responsibility and high load as someone who has an important position in a company. Usually to become a CEO needed the experience very much and of course they are adults.

Top 7 Youngest CEO in the World

But in today’s digital age, becoming youngest CEO is the right of everyone young or old all would be occupying the highest position in a company. As experienced directly by the boys following at a very young age they have transformed into a very important person in the company.

Here are seven young boys who had become youngest CEO at a company

Tyyan Williams, 13 Years

Tyyan has developed her modeling career into a music career, and now has created a fashion line, PinkySez. She was just 9 years old, when he decided to explore fashion. Tyyan was trying to create more expressive clothing for girls her age.



Now, Tyyan has become one of the youngest fashion designers and has been featured in a world-leading event Fashion Week in 2014. Her clothes, like its music with his group called PS Dolls, also carries the positive messages. Tyyan dedicated itself to empowering young girls.

Sarkis Johnson 12 Years

Sarkis Johnson 12 Years

Since childhood, Sarkis has been very fond of skateboarding. And at age 12, he began to cultivate his dream big. With the support of his parents, he opened Liquid Chicken, a store that sells skateboard decks, custom grips, and apparel and training services for beginners. Currently, Sarkis still to open his shop of her own bedroom. However, he hopes that someday she would become one of the largest skateboard shop owner in the world.

Thomas Suarez 15 Years

At age 12, Thomas Suarez is already known as an application developer. His interest in technology led him to teach himself the basics such as Python and Java. From there, he began to create the Earth Fortune, and convince his parents to memodalinya so that the application can go to the app store. Aerodynamics Car: Things That Complicated But Needed


Thomas passion in the world of technology continues to grow, and he was then launched App Club at school to teach students about the tricks of the trade. Now, he has set up CarrotCorp, an application development company that is currently trying to revolutionize the art of 3D printing.

Robert Nay, 17 Years

Ever heard of Bubble Ball? Application of this game has been downloaded over two million times, within two weeks since the application was launched. This game Angry Birds managed to shift from the top spot in the app store for free. Interestingly, it turns out the game developed by a child who is 14 years old. At that time, the first time he’s even developing game.

Robert Nay

Robert now runs a development company called Nay Games. Until last May, Bubble Ball has had an additional 15 levels and the company Robert also has developed educational games, Sight Words and Spelling Practice, designed to help children learn to read in a more fun and interactive.

Leanna Archer, 17 Years

At age 17, Leanna Archer was honored as the youngest person ever opening the NASDAQ,the youngest CEO is still 9 years old, when she decided to use her grandmother’s recipes to create a hair care product.


And at the age of 15 years, he has produced more than USD 100 000 annually. Leanna be an inspiration to young people all over the world, and is often called upon to be a motivator and speaker at various conferences, as well as at the 2009 NAACP Youth workshops. Leanna is also known as a philanthropist. He is collecting money to open a school in Haiti.

Meet Cory Nieves, 9 Years

Meet Cory Nieves fashionable style has caught the attention of users of social networking instagram. Cory as he is familiarly called, often using businessman style complete with suit and loafers. Since the age of 5 years, Cory already familiar with the famed calls Zara and J Crew. Daily appearance, Cory also often use of casual wear hipster style today. 10 Beautiful and Stunning Train Routes in India

The curly-haired boy has more than 3,000 followers on the social network. Rather than simply displaying Businessman Style, Now Cory really was leading a cake company. Cory is the youngest CEO of cookies named Mr. Cory. This family business is located in New York, USA.

Meet Cory Nieves

Its business begins his move with her mother to New York City in 2009. He decided me beli a car to sell hot chocolate in front of his residence. Until the business began to improve, and finally venturing into the world of pastry. Cory also admitted fashionable appearance which also adds to the appeal of visitors to come to the bakery. The mother who took part in the appearance of Cory also deeply impressed by his son managed to advance the family business.

Cory now has a dreams and high hopes to raise tuition in order to run their business better. In addition to being youngest CEO of the company Mr. Cory cookies, Cory is also a model, actor and also often appeared in the campaign of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Sindhuja Rajamaran, 14 Years

In his youth his age spent time playing Facebook or gossip about young men, Sindhuja Rajamaran, 14 years old just a career as an animator youngest CEO and 2D (two-dimensional). These activities earned him the Guinness World Record as the youngest CEO in the world. Want to Know How Benefits of Sex for Women

Sindhuja born of the family loved the cartoon world. His father was a maker of caricatures was first introduced Sindhuja digital caricature. Meanwhile, his brother was the writer of haiku (short poems) the youngest in India.

Sindhuja Rajamaran

Sindhuja now run the animation company called Seppan. From making a short animated film by raising the issue of global warming and tuberculosis to make a greeting card design for US President Barack Obama, Sindhuja sure has achieved many things. At a young age, he has mastered much computer software, such as Flash, Photoshop, Corel Painter, After Effects and Maya.

Well, that fella seven young boy who has become a CEO in a company, it is no ban and the chance for all the same, but to become a youngest CEO’s ability and sacrifices must be prepared to do. Hope can help and add to the knowledge friend.

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