Top 8 Ways to Get the Maximum Orgasm


Do you feel that at this time the sexual aspect of your life a little behind? You are not alone, because as we get older, all the people will produce less estrogen and testosterone.

As a result, the frequency of sex will slow down, as well as sexual satisfaction is lower. You should be more attentive to the orgasm itself, rather than how to achieve it. Sex does not have an expiry date, so if you want more orgasms, see here your age-appropriate tips.



Top 8 Ways to Get the Maximum Orgasm

1. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking and drinking alcohol is a severe offense. These two things will narrow the blood vessels and arteries, as well as making it difficult to get blood genital area.
Stop smoking or drinking alcohol can increase the intensity of orgasm that will revive your sex life.

2. Sports


Regular exercise can also increase blood flow, so do so before sexual intercourse is the best way that you can try.

3. Create a schedule in the calendar

Yes, no problem to schedule an orgasm during two times a week, for example.If you do this routine habit, whether in the mood or not, you’re more likely to reach orgasm. Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs Apple iPhone 7

4. Experiment with vibrators


The age, the more you need the extra stimulation, especially women. Tools vibrators and sex toys are designed to increase the sensation of sexual intercourse.

5. Delay dinner

Romantic dinner with your partner before intercourse is actually not a good idea. Dinner would make orgasm more difficult because of all the blood flow is directed to the digestive tract, not genitals.

6. Talk about your sexual needs


Different ages, different sexual needs, especially if what you and your partner want a different thing. Try to maintain communication. क्या आप जानते है एक ऐसी जगह जहा सच में पेड़ पर उगते हैं पैसे

7. Avoid painful sex

Decreased estrogen levels can cause vaginal dryness and irritation. Talk with your doctor about your complaint and ask lubricant or moisturizer can make your sexual relationship run smoothly back.

8. Do it yourself


Issues on health or relationship should not prevent you to have fun. Sexuality is something that should be celebrated and enjoyed when you have a partner.

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