How to Transfer Files from PC to Android without Application


You’ll often dong transfer files from a laptop to the gadget or vice versa? Perhaps there are times when you run into problems when want to send a file to a friend. For a quick way to transfer files among smartphone or transfer files from the PC to the smartphone JalanTikus never discussed, but this time I will write how to transfer files from PC to Android.

If you have Internet data packets are abundant or no facilities Free Wi-Fi around the house, then the tips this time is suitable for you who do not want to be bothered with a wide range of applications that can be damning smartphone.

How to Transfer Files from PC to Android without Application

1. (Web) : Sharing Files Clipboard with Wi-Fi



The first tip on how to transfer files from PC to Android is using If you want to create a message, writing, words, until a long story, but you’re lazy mengketik in smartphones? Then the easiest solution is to type it on a physical keyboard or a laptop computer. To do so we can utilize the services of

It is very easy, open with laptop browser and then enters some text in the box ‘Text Below’ and then open of the smartphone’s browser and automatically text that you type with laptops will appear on the smartphone’s browser. But remember this technique will work if you are in a Wi-Fi connection are the same. So now you will be easier to copy-paste file clipboard to be distributed to your friends.

2. LanNote (Web) : Share Files with the same Wi-Fi


As with, LanNote also able to transfer files from PC to Android when connected to a Wi-Fi network of the same, but a little different with on LanNote you do not just divide the text file but can send other files such as images, links, documents, and more. This service is suitable for you who work in the office as to reach the same Wi-Fi you can share files with coworkers. Norway Builds World’s First Under Water Tunnel

How to use it together with the use of, you just open the then write a name, message, and select the files to be shared. Afterwards tell your friends to open automatically there will be a list of files that can be downloaded.

3. Snapdrop (Web) : Send All Types Files with Ease


I think this one is a service that is cool and simple services as a way to transfer files from PC to Android. Snap drop not need to be installed and is compatible with all devices ranging from Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux for web-based services. We can send each other file very easily.

How to use, connect the PC and smartphone with Wi-Fi is the same then open on each browser, once open and you will see a list of devices that are connected to the server in the form of an icon in the middle. For file transfer process is very easy, you just click the middle icon and select the file to be sent.

4. Simple Savr ( : Send Files Safely


For this one is slightly different from previous service, the Simple Sarver you can send files on the Wi-Fi network but can also share files remotely. Simple Sarver have a system to encrypt the data so that it will be more secure when sharing files, you can also give password on the file would be sent to help secure access to files in Simple Sarver. Top 3 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Especially for dividing the remote file you have to set the IP Address you manually so that your friends can access the files together. For how to change the IP Address so easily is by going to the Settings menu of Simple Save then add IP Address.

5. (Web) : Remote File Sharing Become Faster


If you are not in range of a Wi-Fi is the same, then one solution that can still share files is by This service is similar to the Simple service Sarver but has little berbedaan the system works. because the system uses peer-to-peer to connect between two connected devices.

For how to use, first we upload files to the server (not fully) then you will see a download link and open the link earlier in the browser friends to download our files. In this process of peer-to-peer will run, so when friends start downloading files via the link above, the process of uploading we will continue (uploaded in full). By using this system will speed up the sharing process.

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