Underarm Hair Removal Method for Girls


You ever see a girlfriend who is quite bushy armpits? How would you feel if you have that kind of underarm hair, of course you are confused to determine how to remove underarm hair, ranging from cutting, shaving, plucking, until the modern way at high cost?

Underarm hair is actually normal when you’re entering puberty or adolescence. The long and dense fur getting longer with age because in line with the development of the body, Because the body undergoes hormonal changes that lead to many things, such as the growth of underarm hair.



Underarm Hair Removal Method for Girls

For men, underarm hair gives the impression of a male, macho and cool. Moreover, if there are also fine hair on the chest, the man who is not ashamed to have it that way, But unlike for women, because beauty will be disturbed by the presence of hairs in the armpit.

Therefore if you feel insecure, try restoring its own charm by trying to remove underarm hair follows.

1. Shaving Underarm Hair

If the problem is a long time happen to you, would you ever shave her armpits and then grow again two times faster than normal. Here you will try it again, but with steps shaved armpits safer and painless. Stretch your arms and look around your armpit if there are spots, sores, or anything that can later cause pain when you shave her armpits. Use a special cream shave for a good result and tidy. Before polished on underarm skin, moisten it with water and rub the cream evenly before shaving. Squeeze underarm hair in order to facilitate the process and not shaving rash. Top 5 Most Colorful Cities in the World

Begin shaving with a tool (razor) good quality from the bottom to the top. Keep doing it clean, smooth, and free of fur. Clean the remaining shaving cream with warm water, while polished so that the rest of the former shaved hair lifted. Make sure that all the hair shaved, when there is nothing left to do the repetition of the same steps. If after shave began to feel sore or pain in the armpits, clap-clap depending baby when dry skin.


2. Waxing

If you have more money try waxing or sugaring in the beauty salon Relax, the offered price is very affordable, but the results you get longer than shaving. If you have the courage to waxing (wax) itself, prepare some materials such as wax strips that you can buy in stores or pharmacies. Then rub the wax strips to hand so warm, and then paste or plug strip in the armpit. Flatten your underarm wax slowly and carefully, pull the strip out of the armpit. Last wash armpits with water. क्या आप जानते है कहां लगाना चाहिए मनी प्लांट

When executing or withdrawal of underarm wax strips will feel a bit sore because the feathers are interested from the skin, some people have experienced bleeding, for that you have to be careful when doing so. But it is more advisable if you are waxing at the salon alone, in addition to safer certainly more comfortable.

3. Natural Ways to Merica

How to remove underarm hair on top until now widely used, but there are some people who prefer natural ways like using pepper. Prepare materials such as camphor and 20 peppercorns (puree), soak two materials into kerosene. Apply the cream mixed in the armpits every night before bed, within a few days of underarm hair will fall out themselves.

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