Most Unique and Powerful Transport Vehicles in the World


Automobile, motorcycle, train up to the aircraft is a means of transportation that is never separated from human life. The existence of means of transport is very important for human survival.

Most Unique and Powerful Transport Vehicles in the World

The man with the vehicle will be easier to perform routine daily activities such as going to work, school or just traveling to a distant place.



Nowadays, the existence of transport has been so many; almost everywhere transportation is always available. Even for a faster and cost-effective nowadays almost everyone already has a means of personal transportation that is always in use daily. However ironic it more and more vehicles on the highway jammed effects are increasingly becoming so.

Different thing with transportation in developed countries, the population is usually more likely to use public transport instead of private vehicles. With all the strict rules and the use of advanced technology on any means of transport to make the population in developed countries have never regretted using public transport.

Here are seven public transport vehicles the most unique yet sophisticated is already widely used in developed countries.

Floating Bus – Hippo, Canada

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Hippo is the bus-boat which can carry 40 passengers were offered land and water tour in Toronto Canada. This amphibious bus is provides an urban safari experience in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada with all its historical sites and navigate the beautiful waters. 10 Beautiful and Stunning Train Routes in India


Hanging Train – Schwebebahn, Germany

Suspension railway in Wuppertal Germany is the world’s oldest monorail system. Built in 1900, Wuppertaler Schwebebahn or “floating train” has been in continuous operation since 1901, despite two world wars, various accidents and other turbulent events.


Currently, monorail hanging stretches over 13.3 km and 20 stops track system. 10 km from the track following the Wupper River at a height of 12 meters and to 3.3 km trek follows the narrow streets of Wuppertal in height of 8 m. Monorail to reach peak speeds of up to 60 km / h and cover the entire track in about 30 minutes.


Underground Funicular – Carmelit, Israel

Carmelit is an underground funicular in Haifa, Israel. Opened in 1956 and closed in 1986 after showing signs of aging. Underground funicular reopened in September 1992 after extensive renovations.

Since most of the city of Haifa is located on Mount Carmel (who made the name of this transportation), Carmelit into underground tram that moves up and down the mountain. The difference in height between the first and last stations is 274 meters. World’s Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the Future
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Carmelit has a slanted design, with stairs in the carriage and the station platform. Carmelit is one of the subway systems in the world’s smallest, only four carriages, six stations and a 1.8 km long tunnel.

Polar Rover, Canada


Kendaaraan Polar Rover looked like a giant truck wheel bus. But did you know that the vehicle used to see polar bears in the wild in northern Canada was originally a fire control truck at the airport? They then redesigned to cope with icy conditions were rough and bumpy and rocky tundra made the trip comfortable for tourists who want to see the icon of the Arctic.

Ice Angel, American


Madeline Island is the only island of Wisconsin Apostle Islands and Bayfield populated and connected to the mainland by ferry in the summer and with the highway two miles of ice in the winter when the water of Lake Superior freezes. However, during the transition phase, when the ice is not strong enough to support the vehicle, the connection is served by ice boats with propellers. Yes, so that children on Madeline Island can go to school.

Canal Taxi, Thailand

Bangkok is sometimes called the “Venice of the East” because of the network channel. Taxis River and the canal is still an important part of the city transit system and in many cases faster than the traffic jam on the highway.


This particular channel is running through the city center. Because some of the bridges that cross the canal are quite low, then at some point the boat will slow down and canvas canopy will be slightly lowered, forcing all passengers to look down for a moment.

Aerial Tramway, USA

Roosevelt Island Tramway is aerial tramway in New York City which includes the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. Each cabin has a capacity of up to 110 people and did about 115 trips per day.

Trams moving at a speed of about 29 km / h and travel as far as 940 m reached within 3 minutes. At its peak this tram ride to a height of 76 m above the East River as it follows the route on the north side of the Ed Koch Queens boro Bridge, giving a view of the east side of Manhattan. Facts about AK-47 Rifle You Don’t Know

Most Unique and Powerful Transport Vehicles in the World

Now that’s a friend of at least seven public transport vehicle coolest and unique and sophisticated in the world. Had vehicles such vehicles already exist in Indonesia. Surely everyone will switch and convenient to use public transport vehicles.

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