Upcoming Supercar Mazda RX-9 Brief Details


Mazda RX-9, At the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) late last year, manufacturers from Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda showed a concept car that drew the attention of many people. Not only the attention of journalists worldwide who cover there, but the people that still like the typical Mazda Rotary engine technology too, also waiting.

Upcoming Supercar Mazda RX-9 Brief Details



Yes, at that time displaying Mazda RX-9 Vision Concept. Sport scar were phenomenally using the nomenclature of the Mazda RX-Series models. Because the RX-Series is the Mazda sports car models that use Rotary engine, and had stopped production at Mazda RX-8. Meanwhile, since Mazda began to implement a comprehensive SKYACTIV technology, this technology has never been raised in the RX-Series. Hence the presence of RX Vision Concept at the 2016 TMS event into a moment that is not overlooked. Top 10 Countries with the World’s Best Technology

At that time the Mazda Motor Corporation said it will release a production version of the Vision Concept RX in 2020. They did not mention explicitly that the rotary engine will be used in the car, because these machines are difficult to maintain efficiency and not in line with its mission statement SKYACTIV.


However, as reported by Car scoops, Mazda Motor Corporation says they’ve dedicated team to bring back the rotary engine. The team has worked the last 8 years to find a solution that makes Stephen Wankel heritage is maintained. Do with SKYACTIV? Mazda did not mention. But, this issue is still evolving.

More recently, a Japanese media, Holiday Auto forward this shock by providing information that is more realistic concept model that will arrive next year in TMS 2017. This was confirmed by their report which states that the board of directors of Mazda Motors Corporation has approved the technical spec the vehicle design. His name? Holiday Auto confirms is the Mazda RX-9. देखिये दुनिया के 16 देशों के सबसे अनोखे बॉर्डर


Holiday Auto also ensures that this model Mazda RX-9 will use a rotary engine with a capacity of 1.6 liter SKYACTIV.Machines called SKYACTIV-R uses two rotors and turbocharger with trigger compression systems such as diesel engines. This is what is referred to as the application of SKYACTIV technology on this type of machine.

As a result the output is also referred to 400 hp. It’s like a figure that is too charming to be created in the automotive industry. But we’re talking Mazda, a manufacturer with a team of engineers who succeeded in realizing a gasoline engine with the world’s highest compression for mass production. So the dream of power of 400 hp 1.6-liter engine, it is not visually impossible.


Prototypes can be seen at the Tokyo auto show 2017 will be a preview of the model is ready for production is presented in public, at the next exhibition that was held 2019. And of course, the delivery will be done according to the schedule that was called Mazda at TMS last year, namely the year 2020.

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