Want to Know True History of Suzuki Jeep


Suzuki is not only good at creating small cars destined for urban use only. But it is also expertly creating a car off-road 4WD reliable in all terrain. Its history is enough starting from 1968 at which time Suzuki gave the manufacturer named Hope Motor Company which manufactures off-road vehicles named Hope Star ON360 petite. If you see looks like a minibus with three wheels, one in front and two behind.



Want to Know True History of Suzuki Jeep

The engine is configured only with a 360cc 2-cylinder, 2-stroke and artificial Mitsubishi. Very small machine is powered mediocre, but clearly very fuel efficient. And these manufacturers are experts in me-layout a wheeled vehicle to Suzuki so smitten with their expertise. On Hope Star produced only 15 units only until the company was purchased by Suzuki in 1968. And the car that inspired the legend created the Jeep Suzuki Jimny.


First-generation, two-cylinder engine and two-stroke Born the first time with the code LJ10 / LJ20 / SJ10 / Sj20 in 1970 to 1981, this is the first off-roader Suzuki successful globally. Delivering his name well known throughout the world as a true jeep with superior off-road capability. The concept is very clear, namely to create an off-roader that small, economical, small engine but whiz bulldoze all terrain. A first generation Jimny engine only 2-cylinder, 2-stroke and 360cc engine capacity. Power generated is also just 25 PS to encourage weight of 590 kg to reach a top speed of 75 km / h. various engine upgrades are made to the series LJ20 and so on. The engine power to be increased though only add so 540cc engine capacity to 800cc. It’s a car that does not compromise performance on asphalt roads at all, but focus on the capability anywhere without a hitch.


Second Generation, SJ410 era Suzuki Jimny Indonesia began to introduce the first time when it entered the second generation with the code SJ410. This is the generation of the legendary Jimny up for durability and toughness in all terrain. Jimny renowned for fuel-efficient, easy to maintain, reliable and robust, to be a long life cycle ranging from 1981 to 2005 are covered by Suzuki Katana having a 4×2.

Variation being many, for example, Sierra soft-top that hunted collectors today. And in 2005, Suzuki Suzuki Caribian Indonesia market pick-up (SJ413 LWB) imported intact from Thailand. Jimny Caribian circulated until 2007 as a shelf-life cover Jimny in Indonesia.


Third Generation, Modern interpretation After the Jimny has been virtually until now. Suzuki Indonesia more concerned with the passenger car market more profitable. Whereas in 2011, some Importer (IU) to enter the third generation Suzuki Jimny to Indonesia. But since the product status CBU from Japan and holds a 4×4 system, the price could exceed USD 300an million at that time.


Whereas JB23 Jimny code is already circulating in his home country since 1998. And again, long-lived because they produced up. Only experienced several times a face lift and replacing the newer machines. Jimny zoom third generation of the modern language of the Jimny second generation of the all the tinkering. Stay messing but more subtle and still characterize as a rover vehicle.

Although more modern, this Jimny remains “true jeep” as it preserves the main formula first generation Suzuki Jimny. Namely in the form of construction ladder frame, solid axle and part-time transfer case. However kickback becomes more comfortable thanks to the use of a snail, no longer per leaf.

Suzuki Jimny third-generation gasoline engine equipped with a 1.3-liter VVT M13A and berpenggerak empatroda (4WD). The engine generates maximum power of 84 PS with peak torque of 110 Nm. Transmission options available 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. For fuel consumption, New Jimny claimed devouring an average 7.1 liters of fuel for 100 km or about 14 km / liter

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