Want Parking Correctly? Follow These 5 Tips


Parking, or the placement of the vehicle to be left out for whatever reason, is one form of activity that must have felt all drivers of all types of vehicles. Understandably, the vehicle is not the shoes that you can wear from the house, into the environment activities, until recently removed when sleeping.

If you are one of those who recently moved from motorbikes to cars, then in addition to identify vehicle features or the price of the mortgage, to become familiar with how to park. Because, when the vehicle is not used, then the vehicle should be parked. But before it is parked, you need to move the vehicle to the parking area is usually limited land.



Want Parking Correctly? Follow These 5 Tips

Parking will be frightening if you do not have the ability to drive a car before. Not only the problem of choosing the place, but how parking was often a very difficult job. However, not to worry, there are some steps that we have extracted to make it easier to learn the techniques of parking.


The first thing you need to know is the dimensions. What is the length, width and height of the vehicle. Recognize this data from the data specifications and guidebook given when buying a car. Knowledge of the size or dimensions of the vehicle will be important so that you can have good orientation will posture of the vehicle.

No matter how good you are driving on the bike, when he moved behind the wheel of a car, the orientation of the space needed to be more complex. You are in one corner of the vehicle, while the area that you need to understand is the overall cover corners. Parking will be a very difficult job if your first time being behind the driver because of the orientation of this dimension.


Prior to park the vehicle in a public place, it could not hurt you practice in advance for parking with a variety of soil conditions. In addition to understanding the dimensions, you also need to understand how you open the vehicle door. Because when the door opens, the space needed vehicles will increase. 6 Signs Men Regret Breaking up with You

Various types of door also have its advantages and its own difficulties when parking. Regular door found in most cars take a very large space to open to the side, so you need to take into account the wide opening doors with the space you will need. Doors that most do not take up parking space are a type of sliding door.

Features Vehicles

Currently manufacturer has been making vehicles with a variety of features that allows the driver to park. For example, the parking sensors, Capitalized ultrasonic beam is read back, the car came to have a guide that can help you determine the distance of a vehicle with an object in the vicinity. Another system that you can use to help parking is parking camera. With the presence of the camera, you can monitor the vehicle unseen corner of the rearview mirror. Even now there are cameras that can monitor all corners of the vehicle with the All-around View Camera as the all-new Nissan X-Trail.


Features more sophisticated longer even eliminate the ability of the driver to move the steering wheel when parking. This feature is owned many models of Mercedes-Benz today. A feature called Active Parking Assist helps the driver find a suitable spot for parking and controlling the direction of the wheel when the car moved into the parking lot. The driver only needs to set the gas, brake and transmission position only.

Indoor or Outdoor

Nice you understand the orientation of the dimensions of the car and identify features of the vehicle; it was time to recognize the parking location. Generally, parking location can be indoors or outdoors. Top 3 Most Peaceful Atmosphere Countries in the World

For parking locations that are outdoors, make sure the parking location would you choose to have a special officer in charge of maintaining the region. For, although the vehicle parked in a pay though, does not mean your car gated. Providers parking lot just leave the land, and do not guarantee the security of your vehicle.


If forced to park on the street, be sure to note the signs that apply. For example, in Jakarta, it’s been a lot of parking regulations are applied in order to avoid illegal parking. The penalty can pull the tire valve to the crane. When will park the vehicle in the area outside, make sure your vehicle is not under objects that could potentially fall or drop something, such as fruit trees.

Reading Parking Space

After understanding the dimensions of the vehicle, when choosing a spot or parking space, use it well pemahamaan you. Make sure there is space for parking to keep your car neatly. This means that there is space for the rear entrance, there is also space on the left and right of the car to open the door safely.


Use markers present on site to determine the direction of the parking lot. Do not park the vehicle violated the existing markings. If the vehicle is parked in the space around the sloppy, do not force to get in, because it will only bother you and out of later. Most Unique and Powerful Transport Vehicles in the World

Parallel or Per Pendicular?

 There are two types of commonly used parking, parallel or perpendicular. Perpendicular parking will usually be more convenient to enter the stern first to the parking location. It will be hard in the beginning, but when it will come out; just you will be easier for you, because the face will be facing out the parking lot. This is to anticipate the parallel parking a vehicle in front of you.

Want Parking Correctly? Follow These 5 Tips

If you are forced to park in a parallel field, then use the way as in the picture. Use the method S, the first advanced into line with the vehicle in front, and then steered wheels and retreat slowly while so that the stern of the car entrance, once the face of the car behind you seen half in the rearview mirror.

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