What is the Evolution Story of Car Key


If there is a small object, looks are not important but cannot live without a car and your day will be the added weight, that’s the car keys. These small object sometimes often forgotten where to put it, or worse, the car door was locked and the key was still stuck inside.

 Evolution Story of Car Key

But it is the romance of a key. We want to consider, this thing turns being undertaken; significant evolution. From start to crank that can make the owner of injury, change shape to iron key, until now with the shape and all the sophistication that fascinate. These tiny objects continue to evolve.

The Evolution Story of Car Key.


Kunci-EngkolThe late 19th and early 20th century, people began to recognize the car as a means of transportation. Rasa bother to start the engine, it is still covered by a sense of wonder will be how humans move faster and save time. But for those who know, is not easy to start the engine in the car at the time.
First, crank inserted into the hole and then connects it to the crankshaft. Play as hard so the crankshaft drive piston, generators for spark plugs fire, and finally burning. For those who are experienced, it may be easy. But those who lay, when the machine starts to burn, rotation and vibration crankshaft can make a broken finger. Or minimal sprains and muscle cramps.

Cadillac Type 53

Kunci-Cadillac-53Cadillac Type 53 is development cars with larger engines, the more difficult the starter cranks system. You want to crank V8 engine? Lazy, is not it? Manufacturing cars such as Ford then creates electric starter using the handle or button to start the engine. However, this method is also not right because when parking, anybody can start the engine idle. Even supposedly Henry Ford often chained to a lamppost car when parking.

 Evolution Story of Car KeyCadillac is the Type 53, a car that has a structure of driving device (gas pedal, brake, handbrake lever) like a modern car. And most importantly, this is the first car to use a key to start the engine, where it functions just replace the crank, which ignite his sequence mentioned above earlier.

Also Read: Important Tips For How to Sell Your Used Car. In 1949, Chrysler then enhances starter system with these keys, with the new ignition method. The key was used to run the magneto ignition, once turned on the ignition. Thus, in addition to more secure, ignition process can be faster.

Immobilizer Child Lock and Loss

Car keys function , becomes more complex when combined with security devices. For decades the car keys is merely a metal object that is only useful to start the engine. The 1980s can be seen without using a key; you can get into a locked car, simply by pressing a button. Ford brands underneath it become a pioneer in this technology, in a way that is quite unique. The driver provided a sort of keypad to enter the code that has been determined. Keypad is located above the driver’s side door handle.
Still quite troublesome indeed, therefore, Renault made a breakthrough by attaching the transmitter around the key. Renault Fugue is car first to use the system in 1982. Since then, purely keys to turn the car and this are what is referred to as key less entry.

 Evolution Story of Car KeyUntil the mid 1990s, car manufacturers began to revolutionize the key. From which was jagged like a house key, now turned into a fine rod that did alumna embedded micro chip will activate a series of security code when plugged into his home. With this method, if there were not proper key usage (theft) the car will not be turned on.
After the digital car key, technological developments to be faster, although most still rely on key with immobilizer, by economic reasons, but other manufacturers began to use what is called keyless technology, or smart entry, or whatever they are called. Clearly the key now need not plugged into his home. Simply by bagging a box that will emit a frequency that matches the car, you can get in, start the engine, and immediately departed.

Digital Lock in Evolution Story of Car Key

The car key could not be separated from the power of digital. The form was now varied and as spelled out earlier, can make you wonder. There are many examples, but we get you the most interesting. Like that of the BMW 7-Series and i8 latest example. With LED screen installed in the key, you can see the remaining fuel, mileage, and so forth, even when you are outside the car.

 Evolution Story of Car KeyAston Martin also has a lock with a form that is no less interesting. The first is the car keys are made of scratch-resistant sapphire. Logo Aston Martin could be seen through the transparent section at the top of the key. Interestingly, once the key is entered into his house, hit deeper and, voila! The machine will turn on. British manufacturers today call Emotional Control Unit.

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