When the Luxury Car Manufacturer Make Bicycles


You like the car brand with excellence wild machine that can grunt guttural and powerful catapult power. On a weekend, you like to exercise by pedaling the bike to sweat. How to combine the two interests into one package vehicle?

When a Luxury Car Manufacturer Make Bicycles



What if you saw a bike with your favorite car brand? Yes, it turns out car manufacturers also has this unique gimmick. Presenting a wide range of products that can address the needs of consumers, is the goal. Competition is a vessel to compete to be the best. The Bicycles is an example. They want to embrace the fanatical craze brandnya, one of them by presenting a model of the bike.

Here are five bike released by car manufacturers by Ice bike

Lamborghini – Lamborghini BMC Limited Edition Road Bike

Lamborghini collaborate with BMC is a Swiss company that is well known as the best bicycle manufacturers. In the framework of the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini, they wanted to release a special bike to accompany the special car. Even this cooperation ultimately produces a bike that is very exotic, like the cars bearing the buff. For the sake of any Lamborghini, BMC sent Impact, a sub brand of BMC to design a bike that has the look away from the bike design that exists today.


Premium bike was launched simultaneously with the launch of the 50th anniversary car Lamborghini, Veneno. Just like the Lamborghini Veneno widely used carbon material, BMC-Lamborghini using topnotch material that anyway.


At launch Veneno, Lamborghini appreciate this bike about USD 420 million. Although not as tight, Veneno capable of speeding up to 200 km / h, but Lamborghini says this bike can make cyclists who ride bicycles to enjoy the sensation of firmer than expensive bikes on the streets.

Porsche – Porsche Bike RS

Unlike the Lamborghini who want to bring luxury bike, Porsche just released a bike that is more reasonable. Even its features were fairly practical, namely hybrid. Yes, a hybrid technology bike features the Porsche release accelerator that takes power from lithium batteries to provide additional power when the rider wants to make it run without paddled.


The bikes were composed as a racing bike using advanced carbon material to create a very light weight. All devices using the Shimano XTR teeth drive gear 20. With Magura brakes and Crank brother’s wheels with special racing tires.


Although the price is cheap, ‘only’ about Rp 65 million for a Porsche-branded bike, but the design is very charming. Even some cyclists also admitted feeling fun ride to get high speed. Only, this bike is not suitable for those who love pedaling to a more diverse field, because this is a road bike without suspension.

Mclaren – Specialized S-Works McLaren Tarmac

The fans certainly know the brand Specialized Bicycle. Automotive hobbyist would know the brand McLaren as a sports car manufacturer. When two manufacturers have collaborated to create a bicycle, then the result is a bike with characteristics typical of McLaren.


Yes, the orange and black colors is typical of McLaren plated on a bicycle stem body is not just any cat. Painting process carried out at locations where McLaren P1, McLaren supercar famous painted. Material and methods  Catania was exactly the same.


One package worth USD 262 million bicycles are sold with a helmet, shoes and name plate and wall hangers are all in tune with the bike. So, when you place it in the garage with McLaren’s favorite, both as matching. Want to have it? Maybe this time is out of stock. For McLaren only grant a license to the 250 units to be made by Specialized Bicycle

Aston Martin – Aston Martin One-77 Bike

Owners Aston Martin certainly understand there is one fruit of the sexiest car models ever built by the aristocratic plant, is the Aston Martin One 77. Aston Martin One 77 Bike. British cyclists who loves his country wholeheartedly, it would propose this bike if they are owners of Aston Martin


This bike uses a similar formula other manufacturers to lighten its weight. That is by using carbon fiber material. But that is not the most advanced features of this bike. Rather sync feature with GPS to provide accurate information on cyclists on various parameters measured from the bike.


For example, the torque at the crank, pedal power on each side, until the power untreated into force, friction, speed, and more. Many sensors are used and processed by a sophisticated On Board Computer. Interested? Please set aside money amounting to Rp 520 million.

Ferrari – Ferrari CX60 Mountain Bike


Ferrari released a bike worth USD 45.8 million. Well, why’s. So here goes, this bike its function is not to drive fast on the asphalt road like a race bike road bike, mountain bike but who are ready to bypass various fields.  Well, you can see for yourself from the picture. This bike does seem like a mountain bike in general; just have a script Ferrari in stem bicycle. Ferrari did not intervene to designing this bike. They only ask for Turbo and Colnago to make a mountain bike.


The specifications are nothing special, aluminum frame, Shimano DEORE brakes, a tire Continental Explorer, Wellgo pedal, Rock Shox suspension and Epicon Suntour fork and Shimano LX dental devices.

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