Which Flowers Match Your Personality by Month of Birth

The flowers Match Your Personality by Month of Birth, Many people use the zodiac or color as a guideline personality.



Though it might not necessarily be true, but in fact it was nice to get an idea about one’s personality. So, not only zodiac and colors, that reflect the personality, but also flowers.

Which Flowers Match Your Personality by Month of Birth


bunga-anyelirThey were born in January month have a symbol of carnations. The flowers symbolize the appeal, faithful love, entertainment, and a loyal friend. People born in January are also known as logical and firm.


Cara-Menanam-Bunga-Lili-Putih-di-TanahPeople born in February have lilies for their symbols. This flower Match Your Personality, symbolizes, simplicity, loyal, leveling rights, and kindness. They are also easy to understand the feelings of others.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityDaffodils are the most appropriate flower for those born in March. This flower symbolizes fidelity and sympathy. They have a keen intuition, gentle, and easy to empathize.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityApril symbolized by daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. Those born on this month are also known energetic and vibrant.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityHawthorn flowers associated with those born in May. These Flowers Match Your Personality, symbolize purity and the hope of making people born in May sweet and happy. They are also known to be very stable.



Flowers Match Your PersonalityPeople born in June the best fit with the roses. The flower symbolizes love and affection of the faithful. They are also known as smart and cheerful.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityWater lily symbolizes July. It makes people who were born in this cheerful, sincere heart, soft, and inspire.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityPeople born in August had a poppy flower symbol. This flower symbolizes sincerity and generosity as well as providing strength of character. This flower also exudes strength and wealth.


Daisies are best suited for people who were born in September. These flowers bring love and charm. Those born on September usually radiate beauty, purity, and wisdom.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityCalendar flower which symbolizes happiness and simplicity are the property of those born in October. They bring peace and balance.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityPeople who were born in November denoted with Chrysanthemum flower. Flowers symbolize happiness and wealth. People who were born in November is usually a good friend, enthusiastic and inspiring strength and love.


Flowers Match Your PersonalityDaffodils or narcissus is a flower emblem of those born in December. They are sweet and cherish good. This flower also symbolizes wisdom, and honesty.
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