The Reason You Are Always Touch with Wrong Man


Do you feel that there is something wrong with the love life of your own? Do you ever find yourself always get stuck with the wrong men? Do you seem to attract a wrong relationship repeatedly in life?

Why you are always in touch with the wrong man



Whether you are someone who always wants to fix someone else?

Aware that during this time May you always been interested in people you think need to be “fixed”? You know all the shortcomings openly and encouraged to provide assistance, so you unconsciously give everything you have, including love and affection. This is what ultimately makes it convenient and you are confused when it should reject it.

Are you looking for the quality of the wrong man?

Perhaps your priority in finding a partner just a good-looking? Or rich? This is what must be corrected immediately to find out the figure of a man as to what you really want.


Do you see the error pattern yourself?

Yes, everyone will continue to make the same mistakes, as long as he does not want to honestly acknowledge the error. Still many people are not willing to be honest and not be afraid to acknowledge his own weaknesses. Whereas to correct previous mistakes, you must first recognize the shortcomings themselves and stop blaming others.

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